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Duke of Erinmore

Starting to Get Obsessed
Jul 5, 2020
Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany
First of all, sorry if I missed a similar thread in the search.

But now the question: Have you still got your first pipe? Do you regularly smoke it? What are your thoughts and memories about it?

I still have mine, a Vauen de Luxe, bought about 24 years ago at the famous Huber of Munich tobacco shop. I still smoke it with passion, and it reminds me of many nice trips around Europe as a student, as well as the fact that there are some things that just stay...

Anhang 1 (1).jpg


Feb 21, 2013
Sorry I'm the photo-less wonder, but my first pipe, still looking good and smoking strong, is a Tinder Box St. Ives, probably a Chacom, a smooth bent pot, one of the more stylish pot shapes I've seen, with an unusual vertical saddle stem. Trust the French to get it both traditional and stylish. This cooker is a few years over forty and none the worse for the wear.


May 23, 2019
Here it is. A Passatore bought from the local B&M. Still smokes fine.



May 26, 2012
Sarasota Florida
I still have my Savinellli Linea Pui 5 Apple. I bought it at my buddies cigar store around 1997 or so
and it was a great first pipe. It smoked cool and dry and I used it for English blends mostly. It gave me a baseline as to how a good pipe should smoke so when I did buy a clunker, I knew it and got rid of those pipes. Over these years, I have not bought many clunkers and only one that did not pass a pipe cleaner.
I don't smoke it any more at it is ghosted plus it has an acrylic stem that doesn't work for me any more.
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Aug 4, 2019
Pacific Northwest
A7AE991A-0E5F-4992-A6EF-64BABA8667BC.jpegFirst pipe was a mid 90’s Christmas gift, a Comoy “Rover”. It is a little heavier and less refined than many of the earlier vintage Britwood I ended up acquiring latter on. However, it is one of the best smokers I have ever had; actually kinda spoiled me and gave me the (false) impression great smokers would be easy to find.
First to come and likely will be the last to go.


Dec 22, 2013
New York
Here is my first briar pipe purchased from Inderwick's of Carnaby Street, London back in the mid 1980s - I still smoke it on odd occasions and the bottom has marks from me using the base of the bowl to slice up plug! My glasses are added to give you some idea of scale.



Starting to Get Obsessed
Apr 30, 2020
IMG_3681 2.JPG
Here's my first pipe. MM Legend purchased from The Briar Shoppe in Houston TX. I was on tour with a rock band playing a theater in Houston at the time. I had already been smoking cigars for a few years, and I had a random thought that I should try a pipe. I did a bunch of reading, YouTube watching, and online research. Then I found myself in Houston at The Briar Shoppe where I found my love for pipe tobacco. I don't smoke this pipe anymore because it's pretty ghosted with aromatics from that time. I've since moved on to only non-aros as I'm most interested in the flavors of the leaf.

I purchased the pipe along with a couple of ounces of "Accountant's Mixture" aromatic. Smoked it for the first time in the shop with the shop owner (Diane?) guiding me through the process. She was really kind and was behind the counter putting together 1 pound of a custom mixture for a client out-of-state, rubbing out tons of flakes by hand. It was a really great experience, and I'm thankful for her and her knowledge and hospitality - showing a newcomer how to properly smoke and not burn my mouth the first time. A few days later I found myself in Austin TX at Pipe World where I would first hear the name McClelland and "Virginias." The kind man behind the counter gave me some samples of PS Bullseye Flake and I instantly was taken by the delicious flavors of this tobacco. We had several days in Austin (I believe we were there playing SXSW at the time) and I found myself at Habana House where I purchased a tin of C&D Bijou and a tin of McClelland 3 Oaks Syrian Latakia which I still have sitting in a jar. It's been a lovely journey of relaxing with different tobaccos since then.

I spent the remainder of that tour smoking bowls in the back of the tour bus while other band members were smoking some jazz cigarettes. Had to smoke on off-days because I was singing a lot of harmonies with that particular band and didn't want to have a dry throat come show time.

Once I got home, I purchased my first briar, an estate Chacom sandblast billiard from Haebar (not sure if he's on this forum), along with a tin of Old Dublin. I was surprised at the tin note when I first opened the Old Dublin, but really loved the flavor and the cool creamy smoke. I've grown to love that tin note now. Along with the Chacom, Haebar was kind enough to send me a bunch of samples that I really enjoyed trying, one being Troost Special Cavendish which I remember liking quite a bit.

Please forgive my longwinded post, I am a bit under the weather and haven't been able to smoke in a few weeks. So I'm waxing poetic, missing my tobacco smoke, and enjoying seeing your pipes and hearing your stories. Living vicariously through you at the moment.

All the best.
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