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May 3, 2010
Las Vegas, NV

I met Dr Bob and his pipes back at the 2013 then West Coast Pipe Show in Las Vegas. His rustication caught my eye and made me stop at his table for a closer look. The last picture above is the one I ended up buying from him after a nice conversation.

For those that don’t know, he is a former full time GP doctor who smoked a pipe (still does). After retiring he tutored under Boswell and then began making his own pipes.

Dr Bob is mostly known for his unique rustication and his Hawkbills. I’ve never seen anything like his rustication before and I absolutely love it. It’s craggy and intricate with different crevices and patterns. He’s a master at the Hawkbill shape. His lines flow so gracefully and his proportions are really nice. The stem work is very comfortable and his drilling is always spot on.

I highly recommend if you make it to a show to stop by his table for a good chat and maybe buy one of his pipes!


Aug 20, 2013
Austin, Texas
I got my first Dr Bob pipe from @pipestud as a gift.


So paying it forward as a gift to one my my Austin pipe club guys (and the guy behind turbotin) for helping me out - I picked up a Dr. Bob pipe for him.

He got a hawkbill that I snagged from Dr. Bob at the Vegas Pipe show last year.