Show Off Your Father's Day Pipes Here!

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Dec 15, 2018
I expect I'm not the only one here who got a pipe for Father's Day. Here's mine (I'll admit I laid down some heavy hints): my second Northern Briars, this one a Rox Cut Regal straight Dublin, group 3. I've been eye-balling it a long time. It's got wonderfully weird proportions and smokes with real style.

Had a perfect first smoke with some Skiff Mixture this a.m. So nice that I had another one after lunch, but for some reason the Red Rapparee was tasting foul and ashy so I chased that with a small amount of Exotique Mixture, which was a nice palate cleanser.

Happy Father's Day, everyone!
(photos are from the seller)



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Feb 21, 2013
1,862 has a good Fathers Day sale on pipes, and I think it goes through today. Some nice ways for hard-working dads to reward themselves if their families have chosen other kinds of gifts. The Stanwell black and white pipes, with two stems included, for $39.99 caught my eye. Also check to see if they still have free shipping for orders over $49.99 and throw in a blend you enjoy. Happy Fathers Day, and fond memories of our "old men" and all they did for us. Some of these Stanwells have 9mm filters, others don't, so make sure you get what you want.



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Nov 3, 2013
A few days ago I got a nice old L.J. Peretti Virgin Deluxe, and it reminded me I needed to get some more of their tobacco. Not a whole lot, but enough to add to what I've got that will last awhile. Tried a few new blends too, but my favorites are Tashkent and Cuban Mixture. Please pardon this crappy shot on my grubby work bench. Anyway, me, this pipe, some of this tobacco, along with some good scotch are going to enjoy fathers day!



Apr 30, 2018
Some very good looking pipes here. I've been looking at Rox Cut Regals myself, and that dublin looks great.

Nice grain on that Neerup!