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Sep 1, 2023
I own a very nice Yuki Tokutomi pipe, but of course from a valuable collectible perspective, that's the wrong Tokutomi.

While admiring a Shizuo Arita (the wrong Arita) it occurred to me that an interesting collection could be assembled from the wrong carvers in a family, i.e. Sven Knudsen, Emil Chonowitsch, Fritz Becker, etc.

Having spent almost the entirety of my life being wrong about pretty near everything, this would be an extraordinarily apt focus for me and likely the only collection of its kind. Additional wrong carver names would be much appreciated.


Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
I don't know. I tend to find the hype about most high end pipe makers to go over my head. A lot of my favorites are mid range. The most beautiful part of almost any pipe is the grain and often the lower end pipes show more chaotic and interesting grain. The thing is the best pipe is like a pair of slippers comfortable and familiar.
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Nov 30, 2020
Sydney, Australia
Ah, but if you did, you could sell it and buy 2 or 3 more Svens
I saw an estate Teddy walrus which was @7-8 times more expensive than my Sven 😱
The walrus is a Sven (older Knudsen sibling) design

While I appreciate the collectibility of certain Danish masters, I don’t buy pipes for their possible resale value.
I’ll continue to look for pipes from under-appreciated (and affordable) makers 😁
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