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Mar 7, 2013
OK... It's a bit murky, but the copyright thing regarding an old P&T article seems to be that if it was OK with the author, Chuck Stanion & Co. were fine with it.

I know the KC club used to do it routinely in their monthly electronic newsletter, and the editor of THAT was one of the most meticulous and careful people regarding procedure I've ever known. He would definitely never have "gone there" if it wasn't OK.

Of course, if after seeing this, Kevin or a mod says "nope", by all means delete the entire thread without hesitation, and with my apologies.

If it's good to go, here YOU go.

Why Scottie? Because she's one of my favorite people, not just a remarkable pipe maker. I think you'll enjoy the ride.

As for the author permission thing, no problem... cuz that's me. puffy


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That article is by George Dibos, one of the most knowledgable and interesting pipemen I've ever met. It appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of P&T. I am not in a position to grant reproduction permission; I can't even use material that I wrote for P&T, for example, because I don't own or control the rights. All assets of P&T, including copyrights, now belong to Kretek International. Permission requests would need to be made to Ben Stimpson, managing director of Tobacco Business magazine. I don't think it appropriate to post his email address, but it's available on the Tobacco Business website.
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Jul 16, 2012
So I'm curious, given that it's George who posted it, if he controls his own copywright as the author or if "ownership" of the copywright belongs to whoever paid for the "content" (I suspect it's the latter, but it's the internet, and I think given that George is 318 years old he's done very well even to link to something).
I will testify that our policy, while I was at P&T, was that we had first publication rights as well as the right to reproduce it as we wished into the future, but that after first publication the author also has the right to revise and/or republish. It was never in writing, but plenty of precedents exist, e.g.: David Field, Ben Rapaport. And that policy was approved by Dayton Matlick, the owner of P&T. So Tobacco Business could reprint it if they wished, but so can George. My bad for not recognizing that George was the OP.
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