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Jul 4, 2011
Granite Falls, Washington state
I wonder if anyone else remembers Schulte's pipe shop from Milburn, NJ?

They made their own pipes in the store and had hundreds on display and in drawers and boxes at any time. I believe Max was the owners son, who moved to Florida after they closed and became the official Dunhill repair person after they closed the store.

Apparently, there were also some pipes stamped with their name but also marked as imported. The only one of those I ever had was nowhere near the same quality.

I was only able to visit there a few times, back in the 70's, but I have several of their pipes, all smooth finish with a light stain which seems to have been their style and they are all good smokers.

The pipes they made in house typically had a letter code, which was apparently a price guide.

I rarely see these show up on auction sites, but if you do find one it may well be worth your consideration.


Preferred Member
Apr 14, 2018
Your post just got me to buy a pipe... dang ya! :)
Looking forward to cleaning this one