Sasieni Patent Era "Danzey" Swan-Stem Bulldog

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Mar 7, 2013
Legit rarity, here.

Since pipe making companies wanted to keep their workers sane as much as possible, they avoided shapes like this one as a general thing. (It's part of why Golden Era Britwood authors, Rhodesians, and so forth are highly prized today. Not only is their silhouette oh-so-cool, but damn few were made.)

Why, you ask? Because the whole "swan neck" thing is much more difficult to pull off than anyone who hasn't tried it would imagine. Add geometric difficulty to that---meaning facets or planes, a la diamond shank---and the needle gets pinned. They are STUPID hard to get spot-on.

Why and how this stummel survived no one will ever know. Just a knocked-around but still 100% sound "half a pipe" sitting in the back of someone's drawer, and from there to a flea market.

The guy who spotted it knew it was rare, though, and decided to resurrect it. Not just as a smoker, but made to look as new as possible without looking worked on.

And here we are. :col:

Any of you Britwood guys who know how to date Sasienis, by all means fire away.



Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 1, 2023
Willamette Valley of Oregon
I have a few Sasienis, including four dots, but I don't know how to date them. I don't think I have any with patent numbers on them and I do believe that those were made earlier. The dating provided in the previous post sounds correct to me.
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Staff member
May 11, 2011
Wow, that pipe finally found it's calling, to find a Dibos stem. What good fortune for the pipeman who found it and for knowing likely the only guy left who could make a proper Four-Dot stem. You nailed those dots George!

I have a Danzey in my collection (sadly a Saddle stem version). Note the difference and accuracy of Georges patent era dots. I include a Patent Era Regent for contrast.

Those Four Dots are what I love about the Sasieni brand.

Bravo George!