Sad News, Harris Has Passed

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Jan 27, 2020
I'm been involved in a number of fora off and on over the years. When you join a forum the membership is this sort of blob of people, it takes time to sort of get a grip on who is who, some people just post glib remarks, sometimes funny sometimes not; others share intersting information and advice, etc., but with many even after a number of years of participation you can't really say you even know these people, and who do we know really anyways, in life? Harris is one of those few, which nearly every interesting forum seems to have, that comes to life in a way that often people in your day to day in person interactions don't, like you can hear the creaking of the planks he rolled his wheelchair over to get to his tobacco, stash of meds, porn perhaps. On the internet, sometimes it doesn't even feel like you are interacting with real people; and I don't mean due to persona's people construct online as actually, sometimes through a persona we get to know the essential truths about a person, if we listen long enough. Harris, I felt like I knew this man, a living breathing man; never shy about certain degenerate aspects of his life and personality, as he didn't seem to obscure or want to offer some sanitized revised version of himself. I can't claim to know anyone really, but I do feel like I knew Harris more than many even if he didn't know me at all.


Part of the Furniture Now
Jan 21, 2020
Larger than life awesome presence here on the forums. It's strange to feel sorrow for a forum member 'friend' but wow, Harris will be greatly missed!! I'm praying for the lamenting his family and several of you his personal friends now navigate.


Jul 30, 2012

Harris was such a character. He was never afraid to speak his mind. When I first joined this forum Peck and Harris had some legendary banters back and forth.

You could tell by reading his posts that although he acted a bit tough-guy-ish, he had a heart as big as they come.............

Glad he didn't suffer, and went in his sleep................ RIP Harris, the world lost a good one!!!
Better than Abbot & Costello


Oct 13, 2015
On a forum that is a bit short on ‘characters’ his absence will be sorely missed. Whilst I wouldn’t of wanted to go into business with him, you could tell as a person he was a big softy. A good hearted bloke who loved his flakes. RIP Harris.