Sad News, Harris Has Passed

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Jan 28, 2018
Sarasota, FL
Harris @cigrmaster passed in his sleep Tuesday Night. As many know, his health has been declining for some time. However, he was doing well when I saw him last about six weeks ago and his passing was sudden and unexpected. Harris leaves behind 4 really fabulous children and countless friends.

I've known Harris for 25 years. Oh the stories that could be told. Harris was larger than life, time spent hanging out was almost always epic. Harris was a big man physically with a huge heart, personality and presence. He loved his children dearly and was a very good father. Harris was highly intelligent and a shrewd businessman. If you were a friend, you could count on Harris having your back.

I will miss my good friend Harris and pray for the Good Lord to bless his soul and comfort his family at this time. Harris was only 65, we all should take a moment and consider there are no guaranteed tomorrows.
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Oct 16, 2020
Our thoughts and prayers to his family and to you, sir. He was a "must read" on here for all sorts of reasons and will be missed I'm sure by those who knew him well --- and like me, those who really didn't know him personally at all, but enjoyed him all the same. 🙏🙏🙏✌️✌️✌️


Mar 7, 2013
Well, shit

Occasionally a human is assembled with the full array of character "option boxes" checked. (If you remember when new cars had option lists stuck on a side window, you know what I mean. If you don't remember, never mind).

There are far too few such people, that's for damn sure.

And the world is a poorer place every time one of them checks out.

RIP, Harris


Feb 21, 2013
I'm so sorry to hear that Harris has passed, but I am glad that he was vibrant on Forums just a few days ago, and that he went on his way in his sleep. He had a new caretaker with whom he seemed smitten, and that was a bright spot for him.

I've been on Forums for about ten years, and I remember his grand volleys in posts with Peck, back and forth, with high and raucous humor all the way.

Harris had a colorful life through various careers, being quite a business man and mighty proud of it. His stories of car dealing were something.

My condolences to Harris' family and friends. Indeed, it won't be the same here without him. He was a knowledgeable pipe guy who contributed a lot to the conversation.


Oct 12, 2019
Florida Panhandle
So sorry to hear this sad news. He was a colorful character and will be missed.
His last post- he was rocking out to Led Zepplin. How can you NOT like the guy for that??

What Are You Listening To? November 2022 :: General Discussion -


ps- He's leaving behind a huge stash of Cult Blood Red Moon which I believe he hoarded .. I think he really enjoyed it.

EDIT* - I'm heading to the patio to have a bowl of Blood Red Moon in his memory.
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