Rookie from Ohio!

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Feb 21, 2013
Welcome aboard from central North Carolina. My extended family used to live in Ohio so I spent some time there as a child. When it comes to pipe materials, it covers a wide range. Of course, briar is the most common wood used and among the best. Others include the aforementioned rosewood and pear, but also maple, olive, beech, mountain laurel, and others.

Good moderate priced briar pipes include Kaywoodie, Rossi (Savinelli sub-brand), Ropp (a French brand), and Dr. Grabow (I recommend the Royalton line).


Jun 26, 2016
Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Brand new - only smoked a single pipe ever.

Sister bought me a churchwarden-esque cheap pipe from amazon 'cause i've always liked the idea of pipes - smoked it once just for giggles, and needless to say I am onboard!

Smoked my share of cigars, both aromatics and non - so excited to explore the pipe tobacco world.

Just ordered a cheap estate pipe for my first on a whim, as well as a cheap cob and not too long ago started working on crafting my own ( mainly for fun and learning, we'll see how she goes)

Also, quick question if that's okay in an introduction. Any tried and true way I can identify the wood used in the cheap pipe my sister bought me? I'd like to use it still for sentimental value.

Welcome to the forum!

There's always something to learn when it comes to pipes, even for those who have been involved with pipes for years.

As for identifying the type of wood - I'm not too sure.


Jun 7, 2022
Thank you one and all for the welcomes!

In regard to the pipe - it was bought off etsy (as if that matters at this point)
But I have identified it as pear! Smoked better than I expected for the price point ! (not that I have a huge frame of reference)