Roll-your-own smoker considering switching to pipe (questions)

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Feb 2, 2019
Basel, Switzerland
I'd actually dissociate pipe smoking and nicotine. OP it's not that pipe blends don't have nicotine, some have tons, but it's important to clarify that you'll never get a hit from a pipe anything like what you can get from a cigarette.


Sep 21, 2022
Thanks again! I'll took all everyone replied in. It's all basically the same which gives me confidence I've found the right forums and community.

I don't expect smoking a pipe to be exactly the same as smoking a cigarette. I understand what I started this topic with indicates that's what I'm looking for. To clarify I know it's going to be different. I smoked weed for 20 years or more til I stopped and have been using an old glass pipe I still have to take puffs of the "pipe" tobacco I use to roll cigs.

Taking all your advice I will get me a corn cob, and yes, probably a Missouri. I've seen that pipe maker recommended everywhere when I've looked into pipe smoke so there's no way it's wrong. I also now know, thanks to you all, that ebony is probably not a good choice of wood for a pipe and will throw that idea out.

My next question raised by all the similar advice / suggestions in the replies is:
What's the difference in wood we choose for our pipe? Is it the somewhat similar to smoking weed with wood: some woods add a flavor that can be unappealing, some can't take the heat as well as others, some cause the contents to go out constantly which some might prefer and others would prefer a different type of wood because it will keep the contents burning slowly instead of having to relight it constantly which can damage the it things like that or...why does the type of wood matter?

I'm not a fan of corn, refuse to eat it, don't like the taste of it is why I decided against getting a corn cob pipe. My dad had a corn cob pipe I tried when I was a kid and I could taste the corn flavor. That experience is why I thought maybe the ebony one linked might be a better choice I would like better.


Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
Does using a filter in a pipe create a similar draw as a cigarette?
I assume it does, maybe, depending on what type of pipe filter I choose to use.
What's the difference in pipe filters?
From what I can find there's a few different ways pipe filters made, different materials used to make them inside and out, different things and materials inside the filters, etc.

I'm probably not going to experiment too much with the tobacco I smoke, of course I'm going to check as many out as I can get a sample amount of. Is what filter I use going to be the same process of trying different ones until I find the one I like the best?

I know some pipe smokers don't use a filter at all. I've attempted using a glass pipe and it's way too much draw without a filter. I'm convinced using a filter is how I prefer it.
not really. It's like rolling your own where a bigger factor in draw is how you roll or pack it. Though rolling cigs is a good way to get a decent idea of how a pipe should draw (it's not the same but you'll be closer then other people)


Aug 24, 2019
Thank you all very much for the replies. I wasn't expecting that many. Very much appreciated!

I've been looking in to switching to a pipe now for maybe 2 years but haven't done it yet because from the info I have already found it seems there's a lot I should probably learn and know about it since one of the main reasons for considering switching to a pipe is costs. I'd like to decrease the costs my smoking habit causes if I can. And maybe enjoy it a little more (aroma tobacco, etc).

I've managed to save quite a bit of money and smoke much less using a glass pipe that (yes, mortonbriar) is intended to be used with other materials: weed. I quit smoking weed over 15 years ago because I made the wise decision that having and keeping a job was more important. Wise decision it was. I retired with a nice pension in 2019 at 44 years old, in good health.

I don't want to jump in to "cold water" with this like I did with vaping and drain funds away irresponsibly. I only really need one pipe, right?

This is the starter kit I'm looking at and considering:
Scotte Tobacco Smoking Pipe Kit

The past 10 years or more I've been spending around $40 a month on tobacco and tubes rolling my own. Correct me if I'm wrong, please, in thinking I can get a decent starter pipe and cut that in half at least because I'll only have to buy filters and tobacco until I absolutely have to replace the pipe...and by that time (a few months from now at least? hopefully a year or 2) I'll know what I like in a pipe so I'll know what to get when I buy a better quality pipe.
Welcome to the forum.

For over 35 years I was a heavy cigarette smoker. Quit attempts were white knuckle torture.
Then over 12 years ago I quit cigarettes completely. If I wanted a smoke I allowed myself a puff on a pipe.

Tailor made cigarettes have a staggering 300-600 added chemicals.
Most are for consistency of flavour but I'm convinced that there's at least 1 or 2 that are more addictive than nicotine.
Although there was a withdrawal period that lasted a week or two, it wasn't so bad because a puff on a pipe was better than nothing.
Once I was adjusted to the pipe I've not craved a ciggie since.
Now I love my pipes and various pipe tobaccos.

If moneys tight, one can't go past a Missouri Meerschaum cob. Very good smokers [the first bowl or two might have a vegetal taste but that quickly disappears]
Buy an ounce of as many different types as tobacco as your budget allows to find your preferences.
If you don't like a blend just jar it and forget. Tastes change over time and tobacco keeps for years when properly stored.
Since I still inhale every so many puffs I stick to milder blends so I've no need for filters [plus I don't like how they restrict the draw to varying degrees] Sometimes I'll use a 9mm charcoal filters when I smoke a stronger than I'm used to blend.

My only regret is not switching to a pipe much sooner in life.
I'm now smoking way less, I've lost my smokers cough, I no longer crave a smoke, I really enjoy the different flavours, and best of all, I can go all day without a smoke and barely notice when otherwise occupied.
Smoking cigarettes was a serious addiction.
Smoking a pipe is more like a pleasurable hobby. puffy


Jul 31, 2022
I don't know I'd you'll be able to recreate the draw of cigarette with a pipe. What I did to transition was buy a couple Dr. Grabows and a big tin of Sir Walter Raleigh. Your not going to get remotely the same amount of nicotine but if you need to inhale SWR is very easy on the throat. I keep some Turkish export around when I'm craving a cigarette, but that's like once a month nowadays.


Sep 27, 2019
Raleigh, NC
Missouri Meerschaum cob or two (pick up a Diplomat and maybe a Legend) and Prince Albert or Carter Hall. Can’t go too wrong starting there and not too spendy.