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Can't Leave
Jan 24, 2013
Difficult to express.

The topics become repetitive. Fads come and go. But basically, as much as I do truly love my pipes and my tobacco, they're not a driving force in my life. I like my Dunhills as much as my Stonehavens. I'm not driven to collect the newest carver nor hoard pounds of my favorite St. Bruno and Marlin Flake. Although if I could find some RB plug in the USA, I'd buy lbs, but that's another matter.

I enjoy talking about it some and I like the people involved, so I came back. The cycle will repeat, I'm sure.

You're all good eggs. Nobody drove me off.
Aug 1, 2012
I went overseas for 7 years and between the job and the time difference, I stopped posting pretty much altogether. I tried a couple times but was not successful partially due to being busy and partially due to a dispute with a member. Now that I'm back in the states, I post when I can and do a lot of lurking.


Dec 16, 2014
North Carolina
I belong to quite a few forums, however I'm only active in a few forum at any given time. They are in sort of a rotation that's affected by repetition of topics, perhaps my interests have gone in a different direction (if only temporarily) and finally there are some folks I just need to expand the virtual space for awhile. Some forums have hosting engines that are easier to use, that also influences how much time I spend on them as well.

Regardless of how active I am on this forum rest assured I'm still smoking my pipes.


Might Stick Around
I ain't joining this soon to be bloodbath pigpen hybrid..

Well basically I got banned.. Then I was pissed.. Then I got busy.. I don't stay pissed long.. Then I wasn't so busy again, and here I am.
Without the possibility of getting banned, there would be little point in joining forums & chat rooms. If it's not happening to you semi-regularly, then you're not employing your 1st amendment robustly enough, nor are you providing humorless moderator types a reason to keep smoking their smugness pipes. But we're glad you're back.
Not open for further replies.