Rejection Can Be a Good Thing

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Nov 23, 2010
A few weeks ago I sent this pipe to as an estate for credit in an effort to weed out pipes that I hadn't smoked in a while.

It was rejected and when I asked why they pointed out that it had a rather significant tooth hole on the underside of the button that I hadn't noticed.

I requested that they return it to me and upon examining it I noticed the hole.

I stuck the pipe back in one of my racks and forgot about it.

Well, today I looked at said pipe and decided that until I decided what I would do with it I might as well fire up a bowl in it.

When I did the skies parted, the sun came out and I realized that I really did not want to part with this pipe after all no matter the condition.

It now occupies a special place in my regular rotation of go to pipes.

Here are the pics,

Here is the hole(sorry about the poor picture.



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Feb 21, 2013
That was worth the shipping costs, if you rediscovered a pipe. I call that shopping at home,

when I dig out a pipe (or anything else) that I'd forgotten to use. Sometimes we get lost in

our plenty. I believe you could easily get the stem repaired or replaced for a modest cost, a

way to celebrate this "prodigal son" pipe. Anytime you chew a hole in the stem, you know

you must be enjoying the pipe because you use it a lot.

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