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Sep 6, 2019
Southwestern PA
Couldn't resist picking up a couple tins at Boswell's last weekend:

50 gr John Aylesbury "Sir John's Flake"
50 gr John Aylesbury "Dragon Flake"

4 oz Boswell's Private stock (loving this, gotta get more)

...and the Mrs. was apparently up in the middle of the night and bought me two tins of Eight State Burley...

Tasty times ahead puffy Cheers!


Feb 21, 2013
Following the crowd, or maybe just the smell of burley, I bought two tins of Eight States Burley from SP which arrived in two days from the adjoining state. Now I'll let them age for some months or a year or two, when all the excitement has receded.

Before that, recently, I bought some C&D Tuggle Hall, some Mountain Camp and some GH Irish X twist. I think I'm about to open some GLP Jack Knife from several years ago. I'm enjoying a tin of GLP Barbary Coast based in cube cut burley.


Sep 12, 2020
We restart new purchases. And I placed a new order, with my local tobacconist. 4kg= St.Bruno, Condor, Mac Baren Virginia flake, Amphora Full. The government gives us bad news again. It wants to raise the price of tobacco. It says that tobacco in Spain is the cheapest in Europe. So, operation happy cellar. This 2022 I am going to try to increase the purchase.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Sep 21, 2021
Ronkonkoma, NY
One week travel time, but it finally arrived.View attachment 1372053 tins Eight State Burley
2 tins Speakeasy to cellar
1 tin EGR
1 tin Barbados Plantation
4 oz Sail Yellow Match
1 oz PS 402 Luxury Twist Flake
1 oz 507c Virginia Slices
Slow and steady. 👍

Thanks again for passing along the "Mug Warmer" technique. (Along with a thank you to Cosmicfolklore) Works likes charm on the coast. My addition to the technique comes from years of working in bars, put 3-4 pennies under the bottom edge of the jar or tin to keep it off the direct heat. Trick used to keep coffee fresh tasting for hours.