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Junior Member
Sep 29, 2016
Tampa, FL
The only experience was one that was purchased new by my mom and given to me as a gift. It was a bent Billiard from the Celtic line, I believe.

The shank had a crack in it before I ever loaded a bowl. It didn't taste very good at first, but it calmed down after a few and smoked "okay". Gurgled quite a bit, though.

I probably won't ever buy another one, personally. For the money, I would go with another Briarworks/Moonshine pipe. They have been excellent smokers. Or a Savinelli. I've never had a bad smoke from a Sav.

But, as always, YMMV. Happy Puffing!


Preferred Member
Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
I have one it's an Old Perth. It's a cutty shape. The thing has a very restricted draw which is neither good nor bad but just what it is. The weird thing is it really does proof to me that not all briar is the same. Everything tastes sweeter in that pipe to a really noticeable degree. I personally think it's a great pipe. Though like the previous poster stated YMMV.


Preferred Member
Jun 9, 2018
The only Rattray's pipe I have is my meerschaum which is very light and well put together, Eldritch made the beautiful stems for these and some of them were really amazing to look at. Mine has a sort of orangey, brown swirly stem. I think they were known as "candy stems."
I like the look of some of their lines and I did previously have one of their morta pipes but it cracked and I had to get a refund.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
I think the brand has been uneven through changed management or relocation. I'd go with something more solidly established like Nording, Comoy, Stanwell, Sav, Pete, Genod, etc. I thought of buying a Rattray some years ago, but noticed it wasn't consistent in its offerings.
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Preferred Member
Apr 2, 2021
Ontario Canada
I have a Bare Knuckle author that, although I'm still breaking in, smokes well so far.
They look great, finish is well done, stamping is nice and deep so no worries about them fading with age. The spigot fit and finish is excellent. Drilling is bang on with a nice smooth draw, they are a 9mm filter but they include the adapter if you want to go bareback.


Preferred Member
Sep 23, 2019
This is one isnt the prettiest but its of my best smokers in my 20 pipe collection



Preferred Member
Nov 30, 2020
Sydney, Australia
I looked at getting one of their morta pipes a couple of years ago, but they all were bored for 9mm filters, which, for me, was a deal breaker.

I decided on a few other makers
Aug 5, 2018
Southeast Michigan
I contacted Rattray's recently about their 2000 year bog oak/morta pipes. I don't see them any more and there is a specific one I want. I was told that the wood was too soft and there were too many problems. They even gave me the failure rate which of course I don't remember now - but they themselves were not willing to put out that kind of product anymore. I was disappointed, but it seemed like a stand-up thing for the company to do. As far as I've heard people did get refunds or replacements for those that failed. Anyway, just throwing that out there.


Preferred Member
Jun 16, 2021
Spencer, OH
I've got one. It was a Good Deal poker. It's ok. Nothing special. Truthfully, it's not one I reach for alot and generally keep it in my work bag.


Preferred Member
Oct 22, 2013
I have a paneled Marlin, its a decent smoker (especially with Stonehaven), about in line with Stanwell, Savinelli or BC. They have some nice shapes, if one speaks go for it, but they haven't struck me as demanding a premium price.
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