Quit, Quitting, Have Quit, Maybe. . .

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Aug 20, 2013
Tomorrow will be two weeks since my last smoke. I've had respiratory symptoms for 10 years but wasn't about to quit, but the coughing, sneezing and raw throat have all increased to the point that denial is no longer possible, though my cherished dream has always been that I'll muddle through smoking until the day I die. Not going to happen. What is happening is a worsening of symptoms and likely consequences of having to go through my days with an oxygen bottle, or worse.
It's never been hard for me to put tobacco down, but it's been well nigh impossible not too pick it back up. This time I don't feel I have much choice. I've thought of going to a bowl a day or two or three bowls a week, but my experience with addiction is that while cure is impossible, control isn't, which is best achieved through total abstinence.
You may have seen that I'm still participating on the board, and I'm still going to pipe and tobacco sites. Hard to just stop doing what I've done for so long. If it's a problem I'll stop.
I don't plan on selling a damn thing, as the last time I "quit" I sold my pipes and tobacco for a song; and then started smoking again and bought it all back.
Hope you all enjoy your smokes!



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May 5, 2015
Sorry to hear this. Can I ask if you smoke only pipes, and if you inhale? And how much you smoke per day? It's not often we hear of guys quitting for respiratory reasons (as opposed to heart or blood pressure).

Mar 16, 2014
I hope your health improves by refraining, and I'm sorry to hear you're having to step away. It's never easy to stop something you enjoy, which is why I'm still fat. I can't support you enough in the notion to not sell anything because you're exactly right, and never know what the future holds. You may feel good enough someday to smoke a bowl after dinner, and be able to find a routine that works for you without feeling like you have to go full blown. I stopped smoking pipes at one point and liquidated everything and to some degree regret it. Although, there were lessons learned and the regret has faded. Take a break, I hope you continue to hang out with us on here, and then see what happens; but I hope you start to feel better soon. Being able to breath is pretty damn important.



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Jun 11, 2017
I feel for you Salted. There are many complex issues involved here, but know that you have support here. I myself understand completely. In a perfect world it would be possible to just enjoy a bowl or three a week in moderation, but oh how quickly we end up back to our old patterns.



May 20, 2016
I sincerely hope that your health improves. Did you have respiratory issues before the pipe?



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Aug 9, 2013
Salted, I hope you won’t quit the forums. I’ve always enjoyed your posts, even if I disagreed. You’re a worthy adversary, ha ha. But, maybe you’ll clear up and be able to enjoy it latter... or not. Either way, you should share your knowledge of pipes and finer tobaccos with the new guys, and keep us codgers on our toes. Do whats best for your health. I’ll be rooting for you.



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Mar 29, 2016
Actually, 2-3 bowls a days is a decent amount of pipe smoking, about 200 grams a month. There's always passive inhaling involved also. When I was smoking 2-3 bowls a day, I was shorter of breath with a kind of permanent irritation of the airways, developed acid reflux, was more dependent on the pipe and felt more sluggish. After taking six month off, I came back to the hobby with another philosophy where quality was more important than quantity. Each person is different, the important thing is to find your sweet spot and to control this addiction before it controls you. Once in a blue moon I go for 2-3 bowls for that day but then I stop for days and even weeks.
I hope that your symptoms get better.



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Apr 24, 2015
Sorry to hear about your health problems. Could seasonal allergies be making it worse?



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Sep 13, 2013
Wise man to trust yourself and cease completely. Quitting, hopefully will keep the symptoms from worsening. Best of luck and keep contributing.



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Mar 25, 2014
There are a plethora of healthier endeavors for you to indulge in beyond pipe smoking. Best wishes on your new and improved lifestyle. To the rest of us, at least for now, happy piping. :puffpipe:



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Aug 20, 2013
I've been smoking since 2001 and have read and studied about pipes and tobaccos, smoked, thought and repeated, so it's not a little thing to give up smoking. Thanks to all for your support.



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Aug 21, 2013
saltedplug - before you give up, I have a couple more questions:
- Before picking up the pipe in 2001, did you smoke cigarettes?
- Have you seen a pulmonologist?
- Have you been fully investigated (CT, lung function tests etc.) for smoking-related diseases, e.g. COPD and/or emphysema?
I hope I'm not being presumptuous; I am a retired (as of two weeks ago) pulmonary physician and if the answers to the above questions are "no", you may be jumping the gun in assuming your symptoms are entirely due to pipe smoking at the rate of two bowls per day without deliberately inhaling.



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Feb 21, 2013
If you feel better not smoking, I'd go with that. Giving up the online pipe groups is a second question. If you're still interested in the subject, and don't find it a temptation, I don't see why you can't participate. These discussions relate to an exchange of information. I don't think you have to be a participant at the time in order to join in. At the least, I think you can wean yourself from the pipe groups gradually until you have a good substitute, or stay around as an elder statesman. I'd say.

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