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Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 29, 2022
Title edited for brevity. (Caps also missing) Original:

"How long have you been smoking, how many times a day do you smoke and how has your health been?"

Just curious on how long you all have been smoking and how your health has been during that time. I'm a relatively new pipe smoker (5 years on and off but 1.5 year religiously) and want to make this a lifelong hobby, seeing peoples pipe smoking journeys is inspiring and gives you something to look forward to going down the road!
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Dec 6, 2012
Robinson, TX.
I don’t know about other’s results, but I’ve been smoking for 2 weeks now, and despite some tongue bite, my health has been solid.
Let's see, been smoking a pipe daily for over 50-years. I did have tongue bite so bad when I first started that the doctor had to put my tongue in a sling for a couple of weeks. So, I feel your pain Bikes & Briar. Just get yourself a bottle of Biotene mouthwash. Here's some info about it that I just pulled off the Internet:

"Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Rinse is specifically formulated to freshen breath while providing immediate dry mouth symptom relief that lasts up to four hours. It contains a mouth-moisturizing system to provide soothing, lubricating relief."
Apr 26, 2012
Washington State
I've been smoking cigars regularly since 2010, and pipes since 2011. I think being married with two children has caused me more health issues than my smoking has. LOL I smoke pipes and cigars to combat the stress of work and home. ;)

I go to my doctor yearly for an annual physical. Why he doesn't agree with my smoking, he lets me have this one vice, as long as I don't inhale. Which I don't. I go to the dentist twice a year. My dentist always does an oral cancer exam. I try to be somewhat active; between yard work, coaching baseball and being grounds keeper for the local Babe Ruth park, and working out at the gym a couple times a week. I'm in decent shape. I'm not running any marathons anytime soon, but for a 45 year old man, I'm doing pretty good.


Oct 16, 2020
Got introduced via this forum and enjoying some bowls since fall of 2020. So very "new" compared to most. Over the course of a week, probably average just over once a day, used to be more sparingly. Not every day, but usually 2, sometimes 3, bowls on a weekend day or a road trip or afternoon off drives the average up. My enjoyment on a more daily basis coincided with spending more time on the deck in the evenings last summer/fall and intentionally trying to sort out different tobaccos/see what I liked.

FWIW, my health is excellent. Lost a bunch of weight, now back to where I was in 1992 and loving it! My wife, who is also in good health, is always frustrated that my "labs" are always good and my cholesterol levels are as good as they were 30 years ago (hers aren't, lol, but nothing that needs managing, just bugs her).

I enjoy my pipes and everyone should enjoy anything they like as much as they darn well please, IMO, but it will always be kind of a moderation thing for me - I like taking a little time for reflection and the pipes mesh perfectly with that.


Sep 13, 2013
I’m convinced pipe smoking is the key to long life!

I've been smoking for over sixty years. Three bypasses and a pacemaker installed two years ago. Seventy plus years of of living large has begun to catch up with me. There's is always a price to be paid, even with good genes. Do not kid yourself! So. while I've lived a life, always considering the risks and rewards, apparently you aren't, it's been an enjoyable ride for the most part. And, a lot of luck or a guardian angel at the least.

I smoke eight or so bowls every day, a couple of cigars now and then (When only a cigar will do.) And, enjoy luxury cigarettes whenever I wish.

I hope to God you are not inspired by anything in my chosen lifestyle. Red meat. tobacco, a somewhat dangerous career, murdercycles in my early adult life (lots of risky behaviors) and so forth all lead me to consider it's my genetic makeup that got me this far.


Jul 10, 2015
Dalzell, South Carolina
Been smoking a pipe & cigarettes for 55 yrs. My cigarette smoking got to be very heavy for the last 10 yrs of my law enforcement career. I was smoking 2 packs a day. Due to my heavy use of cigarettes I developed COPD. After retirement my cigarette smoking went way way down. Now I only smoke a cig about 3 times a week. I replaced the cigarettes with dip and that helped me get off the cigs. Actually my doctor says I'm in very good health for a man of 76 with the exception of the COPD. I do prefer the pipe over the dip and smoke on average about 5 to 8 bowls a day.