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Nov 14, 2020
The Aloha State!
I did a search, but I didn’t see a general pets post anywhere.

Post your pets, and tell your story! :)

BeBe is a Green Cheek Conure, about the size of a Cockatiel. She was hatched on February 2nd 2012, she’s 10 years old.

She is smarter than any dog I’ve know, actually very mind boggling how intelligent, actually quite freaky! LOL 😆

She’s like a little kid, always hanging out with me, especially, always wanting to lay against my arm or computer mouse to scratch.

Here’s a pic to give you an idea of size.


Where she is typically at my side scratching a lot, or playing with me on the computer.


And today, she jumped on my iPad to check it out.


Some info on Green Cheeks, not sure why some places call them Parakeets too, they are actually small parrots.



Nov 14, 2020
The Aloha State!
Forgot to mention, she talks, quite a big vocabulary for a small parrot.

And Yum Yum means food, and oh boy, do I listen all the time to her yacking Yum Yum to me all day sometimes... LOL 😆

Today, I had experienced another one of those freaky intelligent moments. She wasn’t really eating her banana I give her for breakfast and just sat on her perch.

I told her to eat her Yum Yum, or you can get sick and die like Pi’i, our dog that passed a few months back, and I coughed a few times, she understands that as being sick, and she will cough too. As soon as I was done saying all this, she came down and started eating, I was really blown away... LOL 😆


Part of the Furniture Now
Aug 31, 2021
Northern Germany
I've seen a dog and cat thread but what the hey, here's big ol' Ernie. Resting quite comfortably on my freshly washed and machine dried warm bedstuff, as he likes to do.

20221118_235215 - Copy.jpg

I got him and his brother when they were about four months old, they were neglected and looked like four week old kittens. When I got them they had multiple colonies of fleas all over.
His brother drew an especially short straw, I guess he never got to see much of his mothers teet and was skin and bones with a very thin coat. He was very aggressive when it came to food and even devoured pieces of my thick plastic foam workout mat. He didn't last very long. He was such a cuddly and sweet little fella though.

Ernie is much more reserved and shy, he doesn't like other people visiting and is still just warming up to me after about four years. But he grew up to be a very strong cat, you can see his muscle tone through his thick coat when he poses in good light. During summer he's gone all day, now during the colder seasons he's inside and likes to rest in my warm lap.
Too bad I get up to do stuff every few minutes. He doesn't like that.


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Jul 28, 2013
Burlington WI
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