Pipe Bits Necessary?

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Might Stick Around
Jul 7, 2022
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Please clarify if you mean a Softy Bit, or the stem of the pipe.

Hi guys, are pipe bits necessary? Cos its abit inconvenient to put my pipe with the bit into its case. Attached is how my case looks like. There is a slot inside where I usually put my pipe but with the pipe bit attached, I cannot put it in



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K.E. Powell

Can't Leave
Aug 20, 2022
West Virginia
I'm partial to rubber bits because they prevent teeth marks from getting on the stem, and they make clenching easier. I don't clench very much when smoking, but when I do, I'm typically thankful for a having a bit. The only down side IMO is that after prolonged use, you are best to just clean them or even discard them. They're just bits of rubber, and eventually they will need tending to you just like anything else. It's not a big deal, but removing them can be a little annoying.

That being said, they are not absolutely necessary. Some people love them, others hate them. You mentioned that your pipe won't fit its case with the bit on. I have a meerschaum that was like that, and I had to just give up on putting a bit on it because the case was designed specifically for that pipe. Not a big deal, but something to bear in mind.

But even if you don't like them, they only cost a buck for two at the very most. You're not out of any big money if it doesn't work out.


Dec 31, 2021
It up to you bro. Do you really need it? I used to put pipe bit on my pipes. But somehow, it caused me didn't know how to smoke that pipe with that extra thing in my mouth 😂. So I took it out. I only put pipe bit on my Stanwell bulldog, coz I clench my pipea a lot, and that stem doesn't have button deep enough for me to clench, it fell out from my mouth once, and the tobacco burn my hand. I put a bit there to make it easier to clench.


Part of the Furniture Now
Jan 21, 2020
If you picture your kids trying to sell your pipes with chewed up stems on auction sites after your dead and it makes you sad they can't get top dollar then perhaps Yes. If you picture that and think 'who cares' then perhaps Not. I only have a few pipes I use nylon tape on but only because it makes the smoke ultimately more enjoyable.
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