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This assumes that pipes have a static intrinsic value. But, really, you're only going to get what someone is willing to pay, and that can change from day to day, or even what platform you are trying to reach out to buyers on. It's not like gold, where you can track market values set on how much investors are paying day by day. Nor is there a Bluebook, which right now isn't worth crap, because used cars are selling for more than new ones at the moment.

So, having someone tell you value is going to be a waste of time. If They say a Dunhill is worth $250, then if they try to ebay it themselves, they most likely will never get that price. However, if they used a seller like Pipestud, they might get that, or even more, depending on how many Dunhill collectors are bidding.

Alejo R.

Part of the Furniture Now
Oct 13, 2020
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Despite agreeing with cosmicfolklore that it is very difficult to value a collection of pipes.
It is no less true that if we see the pipes we can give you a very good idea of whether they are valuable pipes or just a good group of smoking instruments.
First of all because it is possible and secondly because we like to see pipes.
As for the sale value, it depends a lot on whether you want to sell them all together as a collection or individually, if you want to sell them yourself or prefer to use a reseller, if you are willing to send them only within the USA or also abroad.
The first question is why are you trying to value your pipes. If it is for insurance purpose, determining the size of an estate, etc… It is better to get in touch with an expert who undertakes these kind of assignments. I have heard about them, but not seen them in the forum

If you are just planning to sell them, if you post them here you will get a consensus opinion

Just like cars, there will be multiple valuations

1. If you work with a reputed dealer, it will sell for something similar to a retail value (Retail value would be determined by the dealer by their knowledge of similar pipes getting sold / established at at auction- but the buyers in the auction many times win the pipe at an average price similar pipes have been sold before)
2. if you try to sell directly you will get something like a private party value of a car. It will be lower than what a dealer will sell the pipe for because they have reputation/customer base
3. if you work with a dealer - Either they sell your pipe as consignment and will charge a 30% -35% commission. Or they buy from you outright at 55% of the value they hope to sell for in the future. That establishes something like a trade in value of a car


The Bard Of Barlings
Jun 15, 2013
Southern Oregon
As others have said, getting an exact figure ain't gonna happen. But you can get ranging. Another way to get some idea is to use eBay's "advanced" search where you can type in a brand name and look at all results for completed auctions and for auctions where the item sold, going back a couple of months.
Prices on particular pipes, or genres of pipes go through cycles. I mostly smoke vintage Britwood, and I've seen several such cycles.
I agree with the above stated options and add the eBay advanced search as additional input, not as a substitute.


The Bard Of Barlings
Jun 15, 2013
Southern Oregon
I am interested in getting the pipes appraised because I have no paperwork on them. My husband has been deceased for almost 8 yrs and I am ready to sell the pipes.
I will post a photo
Photos will be helpful, the more, the merrier, but even more so will be brand names. Well known and respected artisan carver made pipes get higher prices than unknowns. Well respected factory made pipes are worth more than anonymous "basket pipes". Then there's the matter of condition, and market.

Add to that figuring out the best way to sell your pipes. If it's a large collection of high quality names then an auction house, like Taurus Auctioneers, would be a way to go. If you want to sell the collection to a dealer, keep in mind that they will be expecting to resell at a profit, so you will get "dealer" price, which is about half of the estimated market price.

Just be patient with the process.
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Nov 30, 2020
Sydney, Australia
Photos (individual, rather than a group photo please) will give a preliminary idea of whether the pipes are valuable/sought after items/saleable.

If the pipes have an intrinsic monetary value, there are a few avenues for you to sell them eg SmokingPipes, Blue Room Briars, Pipe Stud, Mkelaw Pipes. They are sponsors of these Forums and are trusted dealers.


May 14, 2024
Hi all, I have a few pipes which I acquired as a gift for my father who passed before I could give them to him. I am not a smoker & would like to get an idea of their value.

I'll just jump right in here. The first pipe was made by Rich Lewis. I contacted him before he passed, but we never communicated other than a brief hi,how are you. He seemed like a nice guy. May he rest in peace.

Hi all, I have a few pipes I acquired as a gift for my father. He passed before I was able to give them to him. I am not a smoker, so have no use for the pipes. I was browsing online & ran across this forum. You all seem interesting & I would appreciate your opinions on valuation of my pipes. So I'll just jump right in.
The first pipe was made by Rich Lewis. I communicated with him before he passed, never got passed the hi, how are you first message. He seem like a good guy, may he rest in peace.
I have a copy of his workbook showing a sketch of the pipe.
I will attach some photos.
My thanks to you in advance for any thoughts you share. 20240413_200505.jpg