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Starting to Get Obsessed
Sep 26, 2022
Depending on your experience level, I would suggest a meerschaum pipe. I only smoke outdoors and if there is more than a slight breeze I reach for my meerschaums. I smoke flakes 80% of the time anyway, but they are better when it’s windy for the reasons crashthegrey mentioned.

Egg Shen

Part of the Furniture Now
Nov 26, 2021
Pennsylvania - north of Philly
I smoke outside only. Any pipe will work. If it's truly miserable, do you really want to be out there? Occasionally wind, rain and so on, just put your hand to cup the top. Don't completely cover it.
I cup it/palm it too. This will make me smell like smoke so much more than if I kept my hand away. This could be bad if you have to step into an office or client meeting after smoking. When working from home this is my method of choice.

Windcaps make you look like a pompous ass 😜

The only real solution is to find some shelter or wear a jacket with a hood that extends a few inches outboard of your face profile.

One should not be dissuaded from pipe smoking in the wind though. Over time i have learned that this is the best time to smoke wet blends; they will require almost no relights. You just have to make the wind work for you and keep your ember going. Turn away if it gets going too good.

A harsh wind can make dry tobacco burn too hot so instead I use it to get the denser goopier blends to burn nicely.

Briar Lee

Sep 4, 2021
Humansville Missouri
What king of pipe is best for smoking outdoors I a windy climate?

A Missouri Meerschaum cob.

$5 and up.