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Jan 19, 2016
I picked up an aromatic sampler from It contained the following samples:
Cornell & Diehl Apricots & Cream

Hearth & Home Signature Caramel Apple Pie

Lane Black Raspberry

McClelland M55 Georgian Cream

Now, all of these are OK samples of aromatics, I think, but none of them really smell like they do in the bag when being smoked. None of them really have that "wow" what is that guy smoking smell.
Can any of you aromatic smokers recommend an aromatic that smells or tastes really good when being smoked?




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Nov 23, 2015
Aromatic tobacco is still just tobacco. Some start with a strong sweet taste like Sutliff Creme Brulee. I've found that un-smoked tobacco usually smells good but not the same as it tastes. Room note is hard to tell when your the one with the pipe in his mouth. I'm more interested in the taste (even aromatics have taste). I appreciate the aromatic room notes though. If the room note was all I enjoyed about pipe tobacco I'd probably just burn some scented candles that smell like vanilla.



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Jun 3, 2015
Had two bowls of C&D Autmun Evening today. This stuff gets better every time I try it and I'm not an Aro-smoker. Apricots and Cream may have to go on the short list.



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Feb 21, 2013
I've gone pretty much to non-aromatics, but I'm holding a tin of Edward G. Robinson which I've sampled. It's a grand old traditional blend. I got my sample from jiminks, so I take it on good authority. When next I need an aromatic, that's the one I'll pop. I sampled it at the TAPS pipe show, and I think jiminks was standing in for an exhibitor, with the samples, a year or two ago.



Jan 14, 2016
I really love Petersons Conoisuers Choice. Super fruity with a very pleasant room note. Delicious scent from the tin as well. I would recommend letting it dry out a bit at first, since it tends to come quite moist.



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Dec 30, 2015
For taste:

- McClellan Mocha black, Vanilla Black Cavendish

- C&D Autumn evening
For Smell:

- Scotties Pancake - super duper blueberry ,buttery pancake aroma

- Sutliff Vanilla Custard
I was really surprised about the Mocha Black as the room and pouch note was weak for an aro but the taste came through in a big way for me.



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May 31, 2013
My current favourites are -
Macbaren Original choice (Caramel, Licorice, almond, maybe cherry or some fruit)

Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman (Cherry Vanilla)

Lanes RLP-6 or LL7 (classic captain black type aroma)

1M (classic captain black type aroma)
All smell very pleasant when smoked and taste good.

First two are more strongly flavoured with more body.

Celtic Talisman even has a nic hit.



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Jan 25, 2016
Been smoking an aromatic blend called pride of kings from my local tobacco shop. The names Edward's pipes and tobacco realy nice spot with qaulity tobacco. The blend smells just like lane 1q but has the cut of captain black.. Its a realy nice smoke espacially in a corn cob pipe.

Ive gradually over the years became a believer that aromatics and corn cobs are like baseball and hot dogs.. Its inseparable. The corn cobs natural sweetness compliments the cavendish in aromatics. Slow smoking is the key.



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Aug 28, 2013
My go to aromatics (when the mood strikes) are Missouri Meerschaum Grate Dane and Molto Dolce.



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Nov 18, 2013
The only aro I enjoy is Erik Stokkebye's 4th Generation 1931 flake. High-quality natural tobacco, plenty of nic, smokes cool, slow and dry all the way to the bottom of the bowl. Has enough of a honey casing to be tasted and smelled consistently throughout the entire smoke, but it doesn't overwhelm the taste of good, natural tobacco. Well worth the money.
By contrast, Pease's Vanilla Cream which has been touted as exceptional, and which I have been smoking lately, continues to bite if not sipped gently enough, and continues to get harsh and ashy for me halfway through. I have yet to be able to get to the bottom third of a bowl. In fairness, the first half is quite tasty, albeit a bit heavyhanded on the bourbon casing for my likes (but I don't like bourbon that much).
Any other aro I've ever tried (and that's a lot!) has disappointed in one way or another.
Honestly, if you want an aro without the drawbacks, either a) get you some 1931, or b) get an ounce of Lane's BCA and add a tablespoonful to an ounce of Royal Yacht or Elizabethan or any mostly-straight VA, toss it up, let it marry a week or two.



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May 26, 2012
United States
The aromatics I smoke are the following.

Peterson University flake that has a plum topping.

Mac Baren Modern Virginiaa Flake which has a fruit topping.

Rattrays Wallace Flake also has a plum aroma.

Mac Baren: Vanilla Cream Flake you can actually taste the vanilla.



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Dec 30, 2015
Hey Cig: what other vanillas have you tried? I'm interested in Mac Baren VCF...



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Dec 30, 2013
Just adding to what some of the other posters have said, the aromatics that I've come to enjoy are:
Sutliff Vanilla Custard

Sutliff Edward G Robinson (this one I find has a better taste and room note than what the blend will lead you to believe when smelling it out of the tin, it's what I would classify as a mild aromatic but it has become one of my favorite blends)

Sutliff Molto Dolce (the honey, caramel, and vanilla flavorings really sing out with this blend)

Old Virginia Tobacco Co "Gettysburg" (this is a Virginia/Black Cavendish blend and has a very enjoyable coffee and dark cocoa flavor, I believe that this blend is actually a McClelland blend that is made for OVTC)

C&D Autumn Evening (very enjoyable, relaxing fruity with molasses blend, one of my favorite blends to smoke during the Fall of the year)



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Jan 18, 2011
When I get a yen for a flavored blend, which is not often, I find the C&D's Berry Good! nicely fills the calling.
There must be some "kid" still in me as I am always tempted by cherry blends, and never fully pleased when I try any. The raspberry of Berry Good! is close enough.



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Jul 2, 2010
Here's one more for you Mike: Moonshine Pipe Co.'s XXX blend. I've tried it and it is great! Here's what P&C lists as the ingredients: XXX is a Latakia-based blend that is mixed with Turkish Smyrna, high quality Virginia leaf, and a touch of Burley. To finish off the exotic mix of tobaccos a light top note of Kentucky Bourbon is added for room note. XXX is a fantastic English-style blend that will impress you from first light to final puff.
Although it says in the description it is an English-style tobacco, P&C lists it also as an aro. They give the room note a 3 out of 5. I love the stuff myself.



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Jan 5, 2016
I'm sure you've already heard it mentioned since it is a bit of a classic, but Lane 1Q has a great room note. To my mouth, it doesn't have so much taste, however.
McClelland's 2015 Holiday Spirit has a really great room note, and a bit more taste to it. I think both of those smell a tad better than Autumn Evening, but of course it's subjective. I think they have a stronger room note as well, but it's funny how these things hit people differently.

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