New Pipe Smoker from Vaughan, ON, Canada

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Jul 1, 2020
Vaughan, ON
Hello all,
After reading a bunch of threads and getting educated about the hobby finally decided to join the community. Discovered pipe smoking for myself about 7-8 months ago. Trying to quit cigarettes, which I have been smoking on and off for the last two decades. Truly excited about the richness of the pipe smoking world. Still got a ton of learning to do and looking forward to enjoy the hobby in the years to come.

My pipe arsenal includes a MM Legend cob and a nameless full bent briar billiard, that my grandpas brother gave me a few months ago. My wife surprised me for my BD with a gift certificate from TobaccoPipes, so two more fellas are on the way to me: 1) The French Pipe #5, and; 2) Dr. Grabow Royalton.

So far I‘ve only tried a handful of tobaccos:
- A few different aromatics from Mister B‘s brand, widely available in the Greater Toronto Area
- Mac Baren’s Seven Seas Regular (White Blend)
- Cult’s Red Blood Moon
- Peterson’s University Flake, which was my first smoke in my cob and gave me a terrible tongue bite
- C&D’s Epiphany

Soon I will indulge in three more blends, which my sister got me for my BD:
- Mac Baren’s Seven Seas Black Blend
- Lane Limited 1-Q
- Lane Limited LL-7

Hope this qualifies me as a new member of the forum. :)

Looking forward to engaging with the content and learning more about pipe smoking!


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Jun 26, 2016
Welcome! There is lots to learn, but thankfully we like to ramble on. Ask any questions you have. As a side note, any relation to Severus Snape?



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May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
Welcome from the Central Coast of California! Ask any question, make any observation….
You can put your location in your Profile—(please!—because people will forget!) and which will save questions in the future as to where you live when you later mention local stores, weather, tobacco prices, availability, regulations, location of photos, etc., etc..

Under your avatar, (top right, left most of three symbols) you choose "Account Details", which brings up "My Account". "My Location" is halfway down. Whatever you're comfortable with- town, city, county, state.
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