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Jun 21, 2023
St. Paul, MN
When I was much younger and worked next to a cigar shop, I'd go in for a smoke once in a while. And they had pipes! Always wanted to smoke a pipe.

Someone special gave me a gift card, I think it was $100, 25 years ago. I walked right in and grabbed a Nording churchwarden. They said it was the quickest they'd ever seen a giftcard come back.

Pipesmoking didn't really take, but I somehow held on to this thing. When I got serious about pipe smoking I brought the pipe back to the cigar shop (still there) looking for advice. They sent me across town to Rich Lewis, RIP.

When you don't know anything it's impossible to tell the difference between carnage and utter competence. I watched Mr. Lewis go at this thing with a drill and other tools. I wasn't sure.

I tried to like the Churchwarden, but quickly moved on to billiards etc.

I decided to ask someone to make it a billiard, and recently received it back.

Objectively, it's nothing special- an old Nording with pock marks, uneven lacquer finish, and a burnt and out of round rim. But it's been through a lot with me, and it reminds me of 2 kind people who are no longer with us. I'm looking forward to smoking it again soon.



Dec 7, 2021
Wonderful story! I actually really like the black accent piece where the stem meets the stummel. It’s a pretty unique look.
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Ahi Ka

Feb 25, 2020
Aotearoa (New Zealand)
Treasure that. I still have my first pipe. Very seldom do I smoke it but it sits in a prime spot in my smoking corner. Writing this reminded me of the first time I took the stem off and I was so worried that I had broken it I went and showed my friend who had given it to me as a gift…he laughed at me for not realising that it was made to be removed.
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