Names for Pipe Tobacco 10/26/21

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Sep 1, 2021
Romney, WV
I believe the Tobacco Companies are missing out on a certain market. Some of their names just don't deliver the urge to smoke them like they should. For humor sake, they should name tobaccos after things we truly love, such as steak and potatoes. Maybe a big bowl of chicken N dumplings would make us want to smoke their product. You could say to the wife "Honey, I'm going to smoke a bowl of Pork Belly before I go to bed". Cross Eyed Cricket just doesn't make the taste buds swoon, but maybe a pipe full of Ham and cheese on rye would urge us to pick up the pipe. It's just a thought. If you don't like the idea, well...go smoke a bowl of rice and gravy.

Aug 9, 2013
Helena, Alabama
Yeh, I took this as humorous hypothetical. EU laws have no authority over hyperbole, and this thread won't really make companies change names, but for the sake of having a bit of fun, why not?

I think that is a blend had the name Rice and Gravy, that I'd expect that blend to taste like Rice and Gravy. But, I am surprised that there has never been a blend named after stewed fruit. Maybe rename Astleys 109 to Sweet Stewed Tomatoes.
Bayou Morning can be renamed to Tostitos Medium Salsa
And, the McClelland Latakia blends can just be named after their reminiscent steak sauces for each one. Heinze 57, A1, etc...


Jun 16, 2021
Spencer, OH


Aug 21, 2014
When Shortcut to Mushrooms was all the rage a few yrs ago I tried some. I guess I was expecting a different kind of mushroom.

Always been a sucker for some Black Magic Woman, a Stokkebye blend knockoff.