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Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
Name a blend you've smoked that you have not seen mentioned on Forums otherwise. My sister sent me some good pouch tobacco from Austria, but since it isn't available this side of the Atlantic, I won't use that one. Mine might be the Cornell & Diehl excellent burley blend Riverboat Gambler. I can't remember seeing it mentioned on Forums ever, other than by me, but correct me if I'm wrong. jiminks may have reviewed it, but he has reviewed nearly everything. So what have you smoked that you haven't seen mentioned by anyone else?



Preferred Member
Jun 6, 2017
I scored a ziplock of H&H Ambassador's Blend from the Saltedplug sales. Credited as a Russ O blend.
Apparently it is no longer in production.
I just finished it up, unfortunately, but I enjoyed every bowl full.
From the P&C site:
This blend was created as a result of a number of requests for something in the same vein as some of the richer Dunhill tobaccos- London Mixture, Standard Mixture Full and Medium. Seasoned English blend smokers are familiar with the warm and rich flavor of those mixtures, and although we didn't try to duplicate any of their tobaccos, we have worked to recreate the general spirit and flavor profile of these old friends. Members of our sampling group made comments like: "I think you've nailed it." and "I haven't tasted anything like this in years." Find out what they're talking about with our top-selling, highly-rated Ambassador's Blend.



Mar 26, 2018
I smoked some Motzek strang that I found to be spectacular, but have never seen any more for sale.


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Preferred Member
Mar 16, 2019
Jacksonville, FL
I no longer have any left but, Dunhill Gold Blend used to be a favorite of mine. It was discontinued somewhere back in the Murray days. I still had a little around until about a year ago.



Preferred Member
Jul 16, 2012
Mullingar's Moyhall is probably the least common one I ever came across. Oriental/turkish kinda thing.



Preferred Member
Jun 15, 2013
SToP Warhorse RR - Pre-Release - The blend was altered slightly to increase the nicotine kick right before release, but I think the flavor balance was better in the pre-release version.
The Smoker Ltd - Easy Chair - One of Mel Feldman's best blends. It died with Mel's closing his shop, but Russ O had the recipe book and made me 5 lbs of it. Russ nailed it, The blend has a nice punch from the Macedonian leaf and a bit of St James Perique.



Preferred Member
Oct 17, 2017
San Antonio, TX
Mine would have to be C&Ds #225 Scottish Blend I’ve had since 1997. Craig discontinued it around then and sent me the last he had.

The only other mention I’ve ever seen of it is on “The Professor’s Pipe Pages”, in a review he did in 1995 (attached).
#225 Scottish Blend

Excellent. A sweet and natural, almost aromatic, yellow Virginia flavour dominates this blend. A crumbly cut which tended to burn a little fast for my taste. Not exactly smooth-smoking, but not overly sharp either. The addition of burley, to my surprise, has a positive effect on its overall taste, complimenting the sweetness quite nicely.



Preferred Member
Dec 30, 2015
Ive been smoking a sample of Ahabs Comfort by Watch City Cigars. Ive also been smoking a sample of Askwith Kake, no longer in production, unless you know someone who will get you the blending kit from the UK.



Preferred Member
Nov 12, 2014
I'm not saying, because it will become more popular and then it will be hard to get.
Not saying who or what, but someone recently let one of mine out of the bag. Not mentioning any more.



Preferred Member
Oct 25, 2013
I had a tin of spectre, based off the Latakia blended cigars of the same name. I enjoyed the tin but not enough to buy more.



Preferred Member
Nov 19, 2009
Chicago, IL
Keeping this in the realm of widely accessible blends that stay under the radar, I would mention: 4noggins' Weybridge, a Burley-Va.-Perique; and Watch City Cigars' Old Dominion, a tasty crumble cake VaPer with a sweet character.



Preferred Member
May 26, 2012
United States
The only time I see Rotary Navy Cut being mentioned is when jiminks and I post on the what are you smoking thread. Unfortunately it was discontinued a few years ago.
For current blends I will add Fribourg & Treyer Vintage Flake, Wessex Brown Virginia Flake as being pretty much ignored.


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