Mother's Muesli.

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Oct 14, 2015
Sunny Cornwall, UK.
Sometime back in the 1970's my eldest sister Jenny stayed over at a girlfriend's house and when she came back she was raving about something called Alpen and how nice it was.

Back then, the choice of breakfast cereals in our house was cornflakes, weetabix, shredded wheat or rice krispies with porridge available in winter, so what was this Alpen thing we asked.

Jenny explained to me and my sisters what this wonderful breakfast thing was and we hounded Mother into buying some which she did and we loved it.

Long story short, we loved it so much that Mother decided to make her own....and why not?

I can't remember the precise quantities but the ingredients went something like this...

Weetabix crushed.
Shredded wheat crushed.
Porridge oats (Quaker brand).
Muscovado sugar.
Crushed hazel nuts/walnuts.

Over time dried/sliced banana and apricots were added also and we kids loved it. Mother made it in large batches (5 kids + 2 adults) in a huge ceramic mixing bowl and stored it in sweet jars (sweetshops would gladly give these out back then, recycling was yet to be invented).

Anyone else make their own muesli? I should imaging dates & figs would be a perfect addition.




Sep 12, 2020
Muesli, I always bought it already prepared from the supermarket. Which is not as healthy as homemade muesli, of course. I make porridge at home from time to time, sometimes I add cinnamon, golden apple pieces, canary banana. I am a porridge fanatic, hahahahahahaha. Sometimes I add seasonal orange juice from Spain. Here is a product made of a mixture of toasted cereals, typical of the Canary Islands, it is called Gofio. I think it is available on Amazon, it is very tasty.Gofio is a flour made from toasted and ground cereals, especially wheat and millet (corn). Due to its high nutritional value, it became the staple food of the aboriginal Canary Islanders and was essential to alleviate the periods of famine suffered by the archipelago in successive periods.
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Nov 26, 2018
Cold cereals.. Back in 70s, Korean market was introduced to "Indian Food/Rice". No, it wasn't curry. It was cornflakes, and it was meant to conjure up the image of American Natives eating their cornflakes with milk. Amazing marketing skill on some racist dumb asses' part. But instead of being cold cereal with milk, it became simple snack like how kids enjoy Cheerios. Never really picked up on any cold cereals of any type. But occasionally, I do enjoy grits, and oatmeal.


Might Stick Around
Oct 2, 2019
Love me some muesli, though I've never tried making my own. Here in the PNW, we have a grocery store called Winco that has a pretty good bulk food section. They have their own muesli mix that I buy regularly. Bob's Red Mill also makes a really good one.