Missouri Meerschaum: MacArthur (or What the Heck)

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Feb 5, 2021
Deep, deep cob chamber! Wow. I might pick one of these up, but I was wondering if any of you here use this pipe or something like it and if it really has any benefits.

I was thinking it could be useful to just stick 2-3 flakes vertical in the sucker and get puffing! Perhaps, plum pudding would do the trick?


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Do you know when Hirschl and Bendheim began producing those? MM was founded in 1907 and always heard that H&B started after with pre carbonized, flavored bowls as a competitor.
Most likely you are correct. I think I was given a good story to go with the pipe. I tried to change what I wrote but my editing time expired before I could hit save.


Feb 21, 2013
The General always looked a little tall and narrow to me, requiring a long-handled tool, however my very deep bowled freehand (natural finish) with an acrylic stem serves somewhat the same purpose, a good long smoke. I like it for shag cut blends that burn fast, to give a longer smoke, such as Semois, Five Brothers, and others. With most blends, it is thorough and doesn't leave much or any dottle, as is true with MM cobs in general. It's interesting that various WWII figures seemed to publicize trademark smoking habits -- FDR with his cigarette holder, Winston Churchill with his really big cigars, Stalin with his pipes, MacArthur with his cob pipe, and Hitler with his distaste for all tobacco. I think there were others, but those are among the best known. GI Joe got cigarettes with his K-rations and that was the common man's smoke.
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