Meerschaum in the Rain

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 7, 2021
Southwest of Mpls., MN
I have been smoking cobbs and a Dr Grabow until last month when I got a meer.
This month, I've been enjoying the meer exclusively.

When it rains, I'm not usually outside in the rain a lot but I'd been smoking my Grebow upside-down.
How would a meer hold-up in this instance?

Summer in MN is kicking up, and I'll be fishing, boating, camping, biking, and other forms of being in places where I may get sprinkled on.

The meer I have is bent, which does not smoke upside down as comfortably :)
Trying to decide if I will get a billiard or cutty meer for more inclement weather.
I've been looking at clay pipes as well.
Also considering I don't want to be too sad if I drop it in the lake fishing.

Can anyone attest to the resiliency of a meer or clay when splashing in a kayak, or in the rain?
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 7, 2021
Southwest of Mpls., MN
I wash my meers in the sink with hot water. No troubles yet.
Sounds promising.

My fears really come from this: I had a draft hole that wouldn't pass a pipe-cleaner, so I fixed it by putting a small amount of water inside, then running a tiny plastic brush through the pipe. The pipe is now a good smoker and easy to clean. The meer wore away incredibly easily and I am now a little fearful for the resiliency where moisture is present.
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Can't Leave
Feb 9, 2022
Blanco, Texas
Cobs will be the best answer, but between meets and clays, you're better off with meers. Coats get so hot when smoking them, you likely won't be able to hold it except by the stem.


Staff member
May 12, 2015
Carmel Valley, CA
I use hot water to flush and clean my meers.
However, I would not choose a Meer to go out in a heavy rain. Nor would I go for an extended period in the rain with any pipe.

Searock Fan

Part of the Furniture Now
Oct 22, 2021
If it's block meerschaum water should not bother it. But if you get one thats pressed meerschaum and soak it in water, there's a good chance it will turn to oatmeal. puffy


Oct 16, 2011
I’ve restored a few meers that had serious gouges, chips or deep scratches. In order to re-work the damaged areas I would soak or otherwise keep the meer wet.

The material (sepiolite) softens with prolonged exposure to water. It doesn’t turn to mush but it becomes more clay-like and softer where wet. That is how they’re carved, after all.

Incidental or brief exposure, especially if the pipe is waxed, shouldn’t be a problem. I wouldn’t consider meerschaum waterproof.