Meer vs Briar

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Sep 14, 2018
Just smoked my first Meerschaum.. Loaded it with Nightcap. followed it with a 2003 Peterson 9mm estate harp that I happened to pick up. The Meer smoked very nice! The Peterson smoked unbelievable!!!! I was afraid to smoke the Meer, it was so pristine and pretty... Its been waiting for a couple of weeks... I thought it was time. But the estate Peterson I picked up is awesome! Best way to clean the Meer? and go get a Peterson Harp 9mm!



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May 8, 2017
Sugar Grove, IL, USA
Now that you've given that meer its maiden voyage, you're on your way to making it very unpristine and handsome by smoking it and coloring it from the inside out. Enjoy the dry, neutral, cool smoke and be amazed by how the pipe evolves. It takes some dedication, though.
I really like the Irish Harp line, by the way.


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Aug 26, 2018
Dallas, Texas
Congratulations on the meerschaum! I also recently have gotten into those beautiful pipes. I'll attach a video I watched while researching 'proper' techniques which vary as widely as tastes of tobacco.

Hope it is helpful!



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Dec 29, 2016
I only own one meer. I bought it because the price was right and I thought I should have one, just to see what they're all about.
The first and most distinct thing I noticed is, that compared to briar, the smoke is very different. The best way I can describe it is "more gentle" or "softer". I still get all the flavour of whatever blend I put in it but its somehow "more pure" (does that make any sense?). Its not better or worse, just different.
The meer will definitely stay as a regular in my rotation, but I end up smoking it only once every couple of weeks. I guess it will take a long time for it to colour.



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Feb 21, 2013
I'm a long-time smoker of briar, cob, Mountain Laurel and the occasional clay. A Forums member recently sent me my first Meer. I am really intrigued by the comparison. The Meer has a clarifying, definiing effect on blends. I find I can sort out the constituent leaf more readily, or think I can. In any case, it is a distinct smoke compared to briar. I love my briars and cobs, etc., but the Meer experience is a good additional dimension. I've avoided Meers only because I wanted to avoid another round of pipe acquisition, but I think I will be working with this pipe for some time. Enjoy both your pipes. They're different but equally good. I'm lucky to have an estate Meer with the color already lightly instated -- it's a straight billiard with grape vine etchings, which is a pipe I would have chosen for myself.



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Aug 9, 2013
Helena, Alabama
For me, it’s all a about that warm briar fragrance. It’s subtle, but it’s what makes pipes different from all other forms of tobacco consumption. Each pipe has it’s own subtle aroma, and pairing it with particular blends is just another mystical part of the hobby or pasttime or whatever you want to call pipesmoking... for me.



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Oct 12, 2011
Meers for me, briar...not so much. Smoke what you like,like what you smoke... :puffy:



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Apr 26, 2012
Washington State
Best way to clean the Meer?
Here is a video I did recently on how to clean a Meerschaum Pipe. I also have a playlist of Meerschaum video's you may find helpful as you start your journey into Meerschaum Pipes.



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May 9, 2018
Raleigh, NC
I own a few briars, cobs and a recently acquired meer. I have found myself loving the meer. The briars are great on their own and I do not neglect them, but I am becoming more fond of my meer with every smoke. I may be looking for another to add to my collection just because I enjoy smoking it so much. I smoke my meer at least 3-4 times a week, with my briars filling in the gaps.
It's quite a lovely smoke, but with certain tobaccos, I find myself having to slow down a little more. It has nothing to do with the meerschaum bowl itself and everything to do with the stem. It's not as long as a warden, but not a standard length either. It falls somewhere in between, such that a regular pipe cleaner will not emerge from the other end of it when cleaned. It has a tendency to collect moisture in the stem, just a tad bit up from the shank of the meer. Certain tobaccos have to be smoked a little more slowly to avoid the gurgle. That's the only down side, but it's not a huge problem for me. I will be purchasing one with a straight stem next time, likely.
Enjoy them both regularly!



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Nov 12, 2014
They are definitely fun to watch color.



Sep 22, 2018
I did not even believe thos were the same pipe. Great scott thats beautiful^^ The coloring here serves to realy bring out the carving.



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Jun 26, 2016
Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Interesting that you broke in your Meer with Nightcap. So did I a few years ago. There is a certain allure to my Meer to be sure. I don't have the most refined palate by any means, but there seems to be an added depth in my Meer.



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Aug 14, 2012
I have concluded, after 62 years of pipesmoking, that both can be a very good smoke. But a meerschaum require much more breakin time. It can take years to reach the potential of a meer. Once you reach it, the meerschaum is a slightly superior smoke. Contrary to popular wisdom I recommend removing the wax to speed breakin time. It will still color but might take longer.

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