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Jan 29, 2015
I ended 2018 with 87 pipes in my collection and resolved not to buy another pipe until I culled at least a dozen from my collection. I was browsing Ebay and PAD struck hard so I wound up acquiring these 3 unsmoked beauties
1) A don Carlos fiammata 2 note apple with unbelievable grain and a beautiful stem. It's a pipe that normally sells for $600-650 at Le and smoking pipes. The Italian seller had it listed for $480 subject to offer. I offered 320 to start he countered with 380 and I countered with 350 with an email informing him it was my best and final offer. He agreed and I'm the proud new owner
2) A GBD virgin collector which according to Coopersark is from the 1960s. It's an absolutely gorgeous piece of wood and literally a 50 year old virgin (deflowered). I'm not crazy about the clear stem but given that I won the auction for $96 who cares
3)A Kaywoodie 2003 pipe of the year. A massive and beautiful natural bent bulldog that's truly a magnificent piece of briar. Not what you expect in a Kaywoodie but it's obviously made as a conversation piece. I think it's a steal at $137