Life With a Piping Wife

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May 15, 2014
Since my wife started smoking a pipe with me, I've had to secure for her the tools of the trade. A robin egg blue Falcon and a custom rose meer by Tekin. She has settled into black Cavendish but sometimes enjoys a mild to medium English and on occasion some Bald Headed Teacher. It has been a great source of joy to sit quietly with her and share enjoyment of this hobby and I feel quite lucky.



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I was introduced to pipe smoking by my fiancee last year. I am thankful to her for initiating me as it enabled to meet and befriend wonderful people around the world. Alas, she is no more with me as my fiancee but I have gained so much from the lifestyle that the pain of not having a relationship hurts less.
Cheers my friend,




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Nov 3, 2013
Yes, you are indeed lucky. I too have enjoyed the company of my wife smoking along side for the last 30+ years. Back when we started in the early 80s we'd smoke outside everywhere while living in SoCal. Walking down Melrose Ave. looking in the windows of the galleries and shops was a nice pastime. We would get more looks than the punkers with their pink mohawks.

A lot has changed socially since then, and now we just sit on the porch in rural Miss., and she occasionally asks me to help light her pipe from time to time, because she forgot her glasses... Yeah, life is still good, and hopefully you and your wife will still be smoking for years to come.


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Sep 8, 2014
Moody, AL
Certainly something about a woman who smokes a pipe. I'm guessing the percentage of married women who smoke pipes is minuscule in the extreme. Congrats to you guys who get to share this with a wife/girlfriend as I imagine FAR more men hide it than share it.



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Apr 24, 2015
My wife will take a sip when I'm smoking. She likes the aro's. The others, not so much.



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Jun 30, 2015
My wife smokes a pack and a half of Pall Malls everyday so my decision to start smoking a pipe was fine with her. She likes the room note of some of the tobaccos I smoke but hasn't been interested in trying a pipe.......yet



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May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
Ah, Dr. Watson, I am intrigued! Any chance you'd reconsider your reticence to post off color? Within bounds of decency, of course!



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Sep 20, 2011
A pipe-smoking spouse must be an amazing thing!
Sweet little Miss Perique does not smoke, though she has become an expert of room notes and is very supportive of my hobby / addiction / disorder. I suppose she finds it much preferable to me leaving cans of dip spit laying around. Metro girls may say "ewwww". But let's face it,,, they love it.
Don't be a brow-beaten shadow :) Stand up. It'll make a big difference in your life, fellas.



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Jan 23, 2015
Very nice daimyo...I too am fortunate that my wife and I enjoy the pipe together somewhat regularily. She also enjoys small cigars and cigarillos as well. :puffy:



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Apr 26, 2013
My Missus is very tolerant of my smoking, on the covered deck or in the remote man-cave in the back. She likes the smell on me and is about as good as a non-smoker can be.
She will not partake, however.
So you all are quite lucky.
Kudo's to you, gents!

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