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Might Stick Around
Oct 2, 2022
I had also checked there.
My wife want to plan a Chiefs football game for that Sunday.
Make a big weekend out of it.


Mar 7, 2013
Yup. Unless some crew takes over the project, the KC Show is no more.

There were TWENTY of them, and the same bunch of guys did the work year after year (Mr. Ghost was one of them).

Between the ever-increasing regulatory hassles regarding smoking and the COVID layoff having caused a loss of momentum (contracts and etc. couldn't just be extended but had to be re-started from scratch), the guys who put in those thousands of man-hours finally decided twenty shows was enough.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 8, 2022
Central Nebraska
Well shoot. The last time I was able to make it the KC show, it was still being held at the Argosy. Life got too dang busy and hadn't been able to make it down the last few years, but I had already told my wife that I wanted to make it this year.

I totally understand how underappreciated you guys are in all the work that you do (did) and that there comes a point in time when you finally say, enough is enough, if we can't get anyone else to help with this, we're done. Thanks for all the hard work you folks have done over the years.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Mar 8, 2022
Thank you for all of the work you did over the years... I never got to go to one, but as a relative newcomer to smoking, was looking forward to it someday. Hopefully, I can make it to one of your monthly meetings. Thanks again!