Just saying hello! and a question!

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Dec 30, 2013
West Texas
Hey All!
I just joined this evening and wanted to say hello to everyone! I started pipe smoking the week of Thanksgiving, and have really enjoyed it thus far. The guy at my local shop hooked me up with a cheap Roma and some store blends, and my wife got me a really nice (as far as I can tell) Randy Wiley feather carved Dublin that I love. I grabbed three new tins: moondance, Christmas cheer, and grey haven, and so far so good. That's my brief introduction, and my question is this: how long should a smoke last? I feel like they are going too fast, any tips? I dont feel like I'm puffing to hard or anything...

PS Oh! one more question! how are some people getting the super cool quotes and pics at the bottom of their posts?



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Jun 23, 2013
Welcome aboard! Nice pipe your wife got you! Got any pics of it?

As for your question, the amount of time you get from each bowl depends on a lot of things. You have to account for the size of your pipe's bowl, type of tobacco, moisture content in the tobacco, packing and tamping methods, and your smoking style and cadence.

If you feel that you are puffing to hard or fast, then you probably are!

If you feel that you are going to slow, slow down some more because your probably still going too fast!

Just remember, a good charring and true light, combined with some light, strategic tamping goes a long way! Also, relights are not really a bad thing.
Good luck to you!




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Nov 30, 2013
hertford nc
Hey Lou !!!
BEEEE Careful. I picked this up a week before you. Its VERRRY addictive. Not the actual smoking, but the blends, the pipes, the people here..... I need a support group. :crazy:
I would say to watch the heat of your bowl. if its not really hot your not going to fast.
With my aero's I would guess after packing my big ben bowl and its initial tamp at lighting that takes it down to 3/4th or less full, that last about 30min. I never timed my self to know, but my current job is about 45 min from my house.



Nov 27, 2012
Köln, Germany
I would say that if neither your pipe or your mouth are too hot, you're going at an ok speed! Enjoyment is the most important thing. How long do your smokes last, on average?



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Jul 9, 2013
Welcome to the forums.
A smoke can last as long as you want, depending on bowl size and how you pack the pipe.
Slow and steady is the way to go.



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Aug 10, 2010
Cheshire, CT
Welcome aboard, Lou. First rule of pipe smoking: it's all about you. If you're enjoying it, and getting maximum pleasure, then you're doing it right, whatever "right" is. That said, I'll give you a few rules that I follow and have passed on to others. They seem to work.
Rule one: the tobacco should be dryer than you think it should be.

Rule two: The tobacco should be packed looser than you think it should be.

Rule three: you should be smoking slower than you think you should be.
If you're pipe is not too hot, then you're probably doing everything just right. How hot is "too hot?" If you can place you're pipe against a baby's skin, and the baby smiles because the pipe is pleasantly warm, then your pipe is the right temperature. Any hotter than that is too hot. Additionally, I'm one who believes that the pipe should be kept scrupulously clean. A clean pipe really does smoke better--something you'll learn over time.



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Aug 12, 2011
Welcome aboard and you have come to the right place for any and all questions regarding smoking a pipe. Enjoy! :puffy: that is the main advice I can give you, the rest of advice you have been given is already covered your question better than I could ever do it. :puffpipe:



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Apr 7, 2012
Welcome sir, glad to have another brother of the briar join the fold. Been 20 odd years now since I started smoking a pipe but I remember even when I thought I was slow I was too fast. I still will puff a little hard if I am smoking and working. Like the others said if the bowl is too hot to hold slow down.



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Feb 21, 2013
ithelo, looks like a Cadillac beginning with pipes and tobaccos. Since you're new to pipes, I would

guess you are focussed on it in a big way, so though you are not consciously rushing your smoke, you

are probably moving things right along. Over time, you can gear down and take it easy, and the

bowls of tobacco will last longer. Welcome.



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Jun 27, 2012
Welcome! Let us know how your making out. I've been watching Randy's pipe a bit. He makes a tilted apple that I really like.
And since Jud didn't say it, I'm going to.
Enjoy it! It's a journey.



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Nov 19, 2009
Chicago, IL
Welcome to the forums! :clap:

Check out some of the Featured Articles in the column at left.

Don't hesitate to ask questions -- about anything pipe and tobacco related. :puffy:

People here take their pipe and tobacco smoking seriously, and therefore this is a very serious place, so no goofing around!



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Jul 27, 2012
Welcome to the forums - good to have you here!
If you're enjoying it, and getting maximum pleasure, then you're doing it right, whatever "right" is.



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Dec 30, 2013
West Texas
Thanks for all the tips! Ill be putting some to use this evening and will see how they turn out! One more question, How do I upload a picture? I was asked for pictures of my Wiley, and would love to show it off, but I am the least computer-capable gentleman on the planet and can't figure it out...

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