Jon David Cole on Radio Show of February 6, 2024

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Smoking a Pipe Right Now
Staff member
Nov 16, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL
Our interview on tonight’s Pipes Magazine Radio Show will be with Jon David Cole. JD is the Owner/Tobacconist at The Country Squire in Jackson, MS, and he is the former co-host of the now discontinued podcast, Country Squire Radio. Country Squire Radio ran for 10-years and is still one of the most popular pipe-niche podcasts. Brian and Jon David will be talking all things pipes and tobacco, and we will get an update on what’s new at The Country Squire. At the top of the show, Brian will continue the tour of his pipe collection with seven Jodi Davis saddle bit pipes.

The show airs every Tuesday at 8:00pm eastern US time, and can be found at and all podcast apps.




Oct 16, 2011
Brian, congrats on surviving your move. It’s always an opportunity to find old things and lose new ones.

Your Jodi Davis pipes are gorgeous. If someone still thinks that pipes get blasted because they have inferior wood that picture would surely change their mind.

Great hearing from Jon David again. Any plans to get JD and Beau together again on your show at some point?


Mrs. Pickles

Starting to Get Obsessed
May 8, 2022
Brian, let me be the first knucklehead here to say welcome-welcome-welcome to the sometimes irreverent, sometimes educational, but always entertaining city of Orlando. As someone who grew up in the greater Orlando area and remembers it fondly, I’m pleased to imagine you now classing up my home town, strolling about with your Jodi Davis and Satos and burning your Acadian Ribbon.

Speaking of which — in addition to your radio tour of your pipe collection, would you be able to do a pipe parts segment where you talk about some of the old tobacco in your cellar/linen closet? I’d sure enjoy hearing about the tins you’ve saved over the years and the memories that get stored with them.

Wishing you and your family happiness in your new home. Please chow down on a Publix sub for me.
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