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Apr 11, 2013
I am currently a full time law student. Mostly interested in criminal and energy law. Just recently found out that my article on oil and gas lease law will be published in the next year.



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May 3, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
I was working as a plumber/pipefitter out of the local 525 union hall. Work has slowed up big time in the industry here in Las Vegas and so I've had to look elsewhere for work.
Currently I'm working as a Regional Project Manager with Adtran, a company that does project management for telecommunication construction projects. I love my job right now. It's a headache but not a migraine.



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Feb 13, 2013
Health care aide, the bottom wrung of the health care system. I don't mind it though, plus my Priest says it's Holy work I'm doing which has it's benefits in the Catholic Hierarchy.



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Jul 27, 2012
Good topic vamike. I've been involved with computers and design for over 30 years. Been a trainer where I used to travel a lot. Was a webmaster and Creative Director for a large e-commerce site. Worked as a Sys Admin and tech support for a prepress house. Now I am working as an Internet Marketer for a resort town in VT.



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Jan 15, 2013
Like papipeguy I understand the concept of retirement and I do whatever suits me for the day. I spent 3 years in the military and over 35 years with various jobs while employed by GM. I usually claim to be a retired janitor, one of the jobs I performed while working foir GM. I retired as a supervison in the Cadillac Engieering Build Floor.



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Mar 19, 2013
I'm the asshole that inspects airplane wings like my wife and daughter are going to fly on the plane.



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May 17, 2012
I'm a territory manager for a nutritional supplements manufacturer. My car is my office, and I get to work from home at least one day a week. I don't punch a time clock, but time is money. Fun job for the most part, but I'm at a dreadfully boring naturopathic conference this weekend. Bleh.



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Dec 29, 2012
I am a corrections officer in a female maximum prison and a Blackhawk electrical/avionics technician in the National Guard.



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Jun 9, 2011
I am the East Coast and Caribbean regional sales manager for a leading supplier of analytical laboratory instrumentation in the petrochemical industry. I am on the road 2-3 weeks a month but that includes stops all over the US and Canada. I also get to Berlin, Vienna and Amsterdam 1-2 times a year. Not a bad gig all in all! Been lucky enough to visit some pretty nice tobacconists on my trips as well. :D



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May 26, 2012
Sarasota Florida
I own a commercial real estate plaza in Rhode Island. I have had a manager running it for me since 1996, so I basically collect rent and do nothing. I owned an upscale billiard Parlor for 20 years and then closed it in 2010. It was in the plaza I own so I rented out the space. Before that I was a sales manager, Finance and Insurance Manager and Truck manager in the car business. Before that I was a Mfgs Rep in the Jewelry Industry.



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Jul 24, 2012
Panama City, Florida
I am the Executive Director of the Central Panhandle Chapter of the American Red Cross in Panama City Florida. We are the American Red Cross in six counties in the panhandle of Florida. The Red Cross has afforded me the opportunity to deploy to disaster relief operations in New York, New Jersey, Tuscaloosa Alabama, Joplin Misourri, New Orleans, Haiti, and most recently Oklahoma.



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Dec 5, 2012
Bronx, NY
Now this is a great thread
I Am a retail jeweler in the Bronx, n y and have been doing this one way or another since I was a little boy; back then, you came to work with your father like it or not!
Over the years I had a talent for music and trained as a classical trumpet player dreaming of playing in he NY Philharmonic
Although I performed in Carnegie Hall many many times, I never did get to fulfill that dream of playing in the philharmonic ...
At 60 now and still working!
Can't all be retired like Harris. LOL



May 27, 2013
I was in the Marines (2/4 The Magnificent Bastards second to none) from 2001-2004 contracted with PMC Blackwater USA for 2 years and now work for my families fourth generation painting company working on heavy industrial projects.



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Mar 25, 2012
As of now I am working in a sleep lab, I test to see f you have any sleep disorder but the most common by far is Sleep apnea* stop breathing in your sleep* I'm in a unique position because I have worked for a lung doctor who sees and orders the study, then I was a delivery driver who set up the machines at people's houses, then I read the results of the study that went back to the doctor, and now I do the tests. So I pretty much have worked in every aspect of the sleep field! Although within the next year I plan on getting a part time or full time job as a person who maintains ventilators in a home setting. Fingers crossed that that turns out alright.



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Jun 2, 2013
I was an educator for my career. A librarian in a university followed by a 25 year stint as a public school teacher-9th grade World Studies. Loved teaching but now I could not recommend it to anyone. Coached Baseball which was also terrific.

Presently do loads of volunteer work, read, write and loaf (all with a pipe of course) and hang loose with my rescue dogs.

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