Is There a Tobacco you Seem to Like More Every Time you Smoke It?

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Sep 7, 2020
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I am more than half way through a tin of Davidoff English Mixture. I swear that it gets better every time I smoke it! I am not sure how much better this can get.
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Jan 5, 2018
The Faroe Islands
1792 Flake. It has been dear to me for some time, but it keeps growing. Not in the way that I discover more in it, just that I like it more.
I'd like to also mention Amphora Full Aroma. I used to think it was too much of an aromatic with a bitter burley base, but it grows on me...

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Jul 8, 2020
Sutliff barrel aged no. 1.... i loved cringle flake 2019....liked cringle flake red virginia crumble cake... but really think the barrel aged no. 1. is especially great. Sort of amazing that Sutliff can produce some of the most forgettable blends and then make blends such as these. I wish all of themm were always available like red virginia crumble


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Aug 5, 2020
Bay Area, California
Excluding limited release stuff, recently that would be Burley Flake #1 and 965. I've smoked through a tin of both in little time which is saying alot due to how manic my sampling of blends is.

In the past - Elizabethan Match, Watch City Simply Red, Three Friars, and Quiet Nights have had the same effect.

A couple years later (in my pipe experience) and over a decade later (cigars) I'm finally reaching the end of a crazy wide sampling spree and figuring out my long-term cellar-for-life favorites. I'm already there with Virginia, Perique, Oriental, and Latakia dominated blends. I'm a couple samples away from nailing down my favorite Burley and Aromatic dominant blends.
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Nov 28, 2019
I go through phases of preferring different amounts of all kinds of leaf in blends(I only smoke my own whole leaf blends) kentucky is the backbone of most of them as I like the strength and flavour but been really appreciating lightly stoved red virginia more and more. Bright virginias to a certain extent too, but i prefer them black stoved. The reds stoved for a few hours(before they become a brown cavendish) have that perfect balance of earthy and sweet that is so full. I do prefer mixtures though opposed to single leaf and reds alone don't give me the strength that i like, but they are so versatile. Hence why they appear in many many commercial blends.

Also really been enjoying orientals in many of my blends now too. Adds a nice fragrant spice and a whole new dimension.

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