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Jul 19, 2019
So I've been seeing these infused cigars, coffee or whatnot. I'm not sure how I feel about them so I'd like to call you all out for your opinions on infused cigars.


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Sep 2, 2015
San Francisco Bay Area, USA
I've had a few, but I'm generally not into them. I've found them to vary in quality quite a bit. Of the ones I've had, I would rank the Oliva/Nub coffee and Drew Estate/Rocky Patel Java lines to be the best quality. If you're looking for something other than coffee, I had one of the Deadwood cigars a couple years ago and thought it might make a decent dessert cigar, but haven't had any since. That one struck me as (rather strongly) sweetened more than flavored, kind of like a sugar cone you might get with ice cream. The rings and artwork are kind of rad if you like old-school tattoo style stuff.
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Feb 11, 2016
Austin, TX
I enjoy flavored pipe tobaccos (mainly the Euro variety) but I’m a firm believer that cigars shouldn’t be flavored. They are for college kids on spring break that are trying to look cool but don’t have enough hair on their chest to enjoy a real cigar! I’m kidding of course... smoke what you like!


Feb 22, 2020
Totally worth a try for a change of pace. But DO get the more highly regarded brands. As previously mentioned the Drew Estates and Nubs are great smokers. And I'll suggest a brand called Baccarat also. Classic old Connecticut wrapper cigar with a sweetened tip. They won't cost you a fortune and they smoke great. Try finding a five pack on CigarBid. I find the flavored ones are good with morning coffee.


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Feb 20, 2020
The Tabak Especial Cafe con Leche is one of my guilty pleasures. I also like the ambrosia clove cigarillos, as I used to smoke kretek cigarettes long ago.

Both are made by Drew Estate, which so far, have done infused better than most.


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Feb 26, 2015
Infused cigars have been around for a couple of decades and I used to smoke the Drew Estate Java cigars often. I was given a few other infused cigars that weren't coffee flavored and they weren't worth the match it took to light them.

That being said, I experimented with infusing some cheap cigars with whiskey and rum. I used Fuente Curly Head cigars and some others in that price range. This actually made the cigars better and more enjoyable to smoke.
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Country Bladesmith

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May 2, 2020
The only ones I’ve ever had were made with bad pipe tobacco. No good. I’ve never tried Acid or any of the other ones that are more in line with traditional cigar ingredients/construction.
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Feb 21, 2013
My instinct is that a cigar infused with something wasn't so good to begin with, and probably the infusion won't help much. That is cynical but a definite hunch. Same things with infused anything -- smoked hams.
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The only ones I’ve ever had were made with bad pipe tobacco. No good. I’ve never tried Acid or any of the other ones that are more in line with traditional cigar ingredients/construction.
yeah acid cigars are great. They're more like spiced then flavored. I actually tried them because the local brick and mortar guy kept a few boxes of his favorites before the shop got sold with the remaining stock. And the acids where one of the ones he kept a box of. I was kind of shocked by how much they were not what I expected. Certainly worth getting one to try, even if just to see how good that style can be. In fact they're the cigar I'am most likely to buy. There are cigars I like better but that cost too much for my tastes.


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Dec 22, 2017
Phoenix, AZ
I am new to Cigars and Acid Krush was the first one that got me into cigars at all. I’ve never liked them in the past. My dad smokes Macanudos and Montecristos and I could never get into them.

So far I have really enjoyed the Drew Estate Java and the Acid 20. I am interested in trying more cigars, but not a fan of spicy, peppery cigars. If there is mid range between infused and regular cigars, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.


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Sep 13, 2013
Wouldn't be to my taste. I'm sure there is a market for such. Some people prefer their tobacco to taste otherwise, not necessarily all the time but, as a change of pace.


Mar 8, 2019
Tried a few when i first started smoking cigars. Mostly the drew estate/acid lines. All in all, they were all too sweet for me. Cigars, and most tobaccos in general, have a natural sweetness to them and most infused cigars overwhelm the tobacco. It's almost like smoking flavored sugar. Id rather get sweet, coffee and cream notes naturally from the tobacco.

Imo, (well made) aros for pipe baccy are different than infused cigars, as they dont overwhelm the tobacco and arent too overly sweet. The good ones have that backgroundish topping/casing that supports the blend

The baccarats that @Moonbog mentioned are decent and like he said, sweet tipped, rather than infused. So not as overbearingly sweet. Decent mild connecticut.

And finally, despite everything i said, to each their own. Also, chicks dig the infused cigars.


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Jul 9, 2019
SE Georgia
Like others have said, Acid cigars by Drew Estate have been around for many years. Many pipe tobaccos use the same botanicals for flavor and or aroma. One that immediately comes to mind is War Horse Bar. Love both the cigars and pipe tobacco when that’s what I’m in the mood forcray

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