I'm Not In Love With Virginias - Need Suggestions

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May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
I echo fnord's suggestion: Have you ruled out English or Balkan blends? I'm no longer fleet of foot, just of mouth. When said foot isn't lodged there. GLPease is a master of those blends, and Std. Tobacco of PA has recently joined the group with the master blend Russ Ouellette, bringing back some classic John Cotton blends.



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Aug 26, 2013
Great Falls, VA
One of my regular smokes is Lane MV-1000. Pure Virginia, mellow, not too much nicotine (I can't tolerate very much) and relatively inexpensive. It is a very light aromatic but if you want a true non-aromatic, I like Cornell & Diehl Tom Eltang Virginia which has a bigger nic kick. The former tobacco comes as bulk; the latter is in a tin. Both seem to cellar well BTW.



Jan 2, 2016
From McClelland's tobacco Co.
It may be necessary to smoke up to four ounces of a natural product before the mouth adjusts to the clean taste and subtler range of flavors typical of these Matured Virginia tobaccos. The smoker is rewarded for the effort as he becomes able to distinguish the delicate variations in taste and deepening richness these tobaccos develop as they are smoked.
Without overstating the point, VAs take a little practice.


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May 3, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
I would say put off exploring Virginias until it gets warmer.
I got big into Virginia and VaPer blends last summer and I noticed when it started to cool off I wasn't getting nearly the flavor out of them that I had when it was warmer.
I'd suggest revisiting Orlik Golden Sliced. Try out Dunhill Flake, Newminster's No. 400 Superior Navy Flake, GL Pease's Union Square, Escudo, H&H Anniversary Kake, Stokkebye's Luxury Bullseye Flake and Luxury Navy Flake, and Mac Baren's HH Pure Virginia.



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Dec 12, 2014
For me mgvsquared, I also favor Burleys. I find them a meatier smoke, enjoying the plumes of smoke they produce and that old world pipey type room note they leave. My favorite is Solani's Aged Burley Flake and Mac Baren's HH Bold Kentucky. I used to enjoy the original Edgeworth Sliced (not the Orlik produced version). OTC Burleys that I enjoy are SWR Regular and Lane's Ready Rubbed (reintroduction of Edgeworth's Ready Rubbed). The newly reintroduced Amphora Original is also quite nice. I'm a fan of Irish Flake and Rattray's Stirling Flake as well.
When I do smoke a Virginia I like Mac Baren's Virginia No 1 and their Virginia Flake, and McClelland's Navy Flake and their Dark Flake No 2035. They are not grassy and that is why I, too, don't care much for Orlik's Golden Slice.
I suppose it can be all summed up in the oft quoted saying, "Smoke what you like, like what you smoke." Happy puffing!



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Feb 21, 2013
Explore the burley blends for a while. There are plenty of good ones. Keep one or two Virginias in small quantities. Virginias are especially prone to improve with age, perhaps more than any other leaf. One good old staple is McClellands Red Cake Virginia 5100. If you can get around the ketchup fragrance when you open the jar, it might appeal to you ... eventually. I've always enjoyed Virginia in rotation and as part of English blends, but I can see how it would take some acquiring of the taste for it.



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Sep 14, 2011
I'm going to assume, perhaps incorrectly, that you are relatively new to the pipe world. If you aren't in love with Virginias - so what? Don't try to smoke any for a while. Smoke what you do like. Come back to Virginias in a year or two or three. Everyone does not have to like every kind of tobacco!!! :puffy:



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Jan 25, 2016
Been MIA for a couple of days. Sorry all, and again, all the suggestions! Thanks!
I'll be trying some more blends and putting these VA straights on the back burner to come back to with time once I get my technique better. I'm still pretty new to all of this so I'm going to be patient with myself. I have some Dunhill Nightcap to try (smells like a wet dog, ugh). I will report that I really liked this Peterson Irish Dew. Light aromatic. I got a decent amount of VA taste I think, but with some mellow notes of what I could only descibe as whiskey. It was nice.



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Feb 13, 2013
Another Virginia that's not light and grassy is McClelland Navy Cavendish. Mild in strength, but very rich and flavorful



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Jan 27, 2013
mgvsquared, Don't love Virginias? well shame on you. :lol:

Just kidding. There are some great Burly blends out there as already recommended. Good luck. I would not take Virginias off your list long term.



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Nov 18, 2013
The thread reminds me of the old vaudeville joke about the guy who goes to the doctor and while bending his thumb backwards says "Doc it hurts when I do this. What do you think?" Doc says "I think you should stop doing it."
If you don't like Virginias, don't smoke them. Pipe smoking is not a worm-eating contest, you don't get points for endurance.

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