I just had to do it!

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Apr 7, 2012
I have had a tin of Reiner light aromatic (green label) unopened in my pipe cabinet since 2000 I believe it came from Pipes and Pleasures based on the label on the underside. I have been lately completely unsatisfied with my aromatic blends. Tastes are changing I guess. I can only say wow its amazing what 12 years will do for a tobacco. The virginias and burleys have settled down very nicely and it gives a clean sweet smoke that almost makes me wish I had used my Meer to fully enjoy the moment. I sat on the fence along time before breaking the seal on this one but now am glad I did. I'm just sad that once its gone I can not get another tin to taste like this until 2023.



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Sep 15, 2012
I can not get another tin to taste like this until 2023.
Fun to think about it like that. I plan to create a tobacco vault as time passes. Currently I have over 30 tins just waiting but they are no older than several months and a few about a year old. I placed them in plastic bags but the tins themselves are unopened. Might be fun to break them out on my 50th birthday, 11 years from now.



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Sep 30, 2010
Cool story, good to see your blend came out so well after some age. I have a couple tins that are about 6 years old. Gotta wait a few more years to try anything over ten years aged. Most of my cellar has 1-3 years on it but after some years I'll have some great tasting tobaccos. I guess the waiting part isn't fun but the end result is worth the wait 8)

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