I do not get satisfied from pipe like cigar

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Aug 27, 2017
Central Virginia
Nicotine is funny. I got nuthin from 5 Bros but Crooner planted me firmly in my lawn chair. Same with cigars. —- Used to smoke strong La Gloria’s to the fingers and get nuthin. Then a nice, mild Macanudo would took me for a spin.
Same here. I decided to try some 5 Bros after reading about its legendary power. Maybe I was expecting too much but it didn’t seem to live up to the hype. Autumn Evening is the only tobacco that has made me physically ill. After smoking about half a bowl of that I was laying on the bathroom floor shaking and soaked in sweat. I don’t smoke cigars because I don’t care much for the taste. They all seem the same to me and with the price of them I’d rather spend my money on pipe tobacco where there’s plenty of options.


Starting to Get Obsessed
May 5, 2020
They all seem the same to me and with the price of them I’d rather spend my money on pipe tobacco where there’s plenty of options.
I've smoked cigars for nearly 25 years and I'd mostly agree. Cigars really only fall into one of two categories for me; Cigars I Like and Cigars I Don't Like. Granted, some are stronger, some are more mild. But with regards to taste... they all just taste like cigars.


Nov 14, 2020
The Aloha State!
You haven’t explained much, so we can only assume as to what is going on.

To begin, you can smoke a pipe or cigar any way you like, but of course there are various recommendations to get the most out of quality tobacco, pipes/cigars.

To make a simple analogy, are you a Budweiser beer drinker or a fine crafted Micro Brew drinker, or fine wines and champagne?

Do you like experiencing all the nuances tobacco can offer?

Getting back to, you can smoke anyway you like, but unless you are smoking a flat blend, not much depth/dimension/nuances, you might puff away heavily on it. But blends that have a lot of volume/depth to them, it tends to be better sipping to draw out all the flavors it has to offer.

Now if you are more at heart a cigar person, but still enjoy the pipe, there are a lot of cigar leaf blends out there for the pipe.

Vincent Manil in Belgium grows his own tobacco, one of the few remaining that does.

As a cigar lover, you’ll definitely want to try his blends;



Feb 21, 2013
As I have said before, no doubt too often, a cigar is like a restaurant meal, all prepared for you in the way the chef thinks best. A pipe is more like home cooking where you have lots of control, can pack and sip your way, and even mix blends or condiments. Even cigar leaf in a pipe is no cigar. I enjoy a cigar now and then, but I prefer a pipe.


Sep 13, 2013
The more robust flavor of certain cigars allows be to enjoy the profile more than I can with my palate for pipe blends. But, the very idea that one would expect the same smoking experience with two entirely different smoking techniques? That befuddles me.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Nov 5, 2021
Depends on what taste you want. Consider Sutliff "Smooth and Gold" and use a Peterson House Pipe. You'll be more satisfied with that combination than a cigar. Deep billows of bliss.


Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
I can smoke a pipe all day then want more but with cigars a few then im satisfied why dont pipes satisfy me
same reason one cigar will be more satiating then others. Pipe tobaccos have different nic levels and more importantly different chemistry from cigars and from other pipe tobaccos. The big question is what pipe tobaccos are you smoking. You might want to try some with heavy nic punches.
Almost forgot a big question too which is what cigars do you smoke that you find satisfying.