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Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 20, 2013
Over 100, I'd say I've smoked all but 12 that I tinker with (repair, refurbish or practice). Pipes I need? Probably a dozen or so since I dedicate certain pipes with a particular blend..



Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 18, 2016
After smoking pipes for only 4 months I have 15 briars and 2 cobs. I smoke all the briars regualrly but the cobs not so much. Could probably make do with only 6 pipes.
My Briars:




Staff member
May 12, 2015
Carmel Valley, CA
That's a fabulous briar there, such craftsmanship to make it look so much like a meer! :)
Seriously, a seriously good collection for a few months.



Oct 25, 2013
New Zealand
I have about 15 briars I think, they all get smoked but the big bowls not so often. about 5 cobs, at least one of them gets smoked each week, one meer and one clay that get a weekly smoke.

I don't 'need' any more, but I am starting to figure out my preferences which will lead to gradual acquisition over the years. I have not spent much money by the way, last year I was gifted 8 briars and a cob, basically it doubled my collection. The only pipe I purchased last year was a clay. I spend most of my $5/week hobby budget on pipe cleaners ha.



May 6, 2016
West Texas
About 50 and a dozen cobs, when I first started I had 2 cobs and a old Grabow for about 4 years, then I started collecting. Recently Ive gifted many pipes that I didn't smoke and think Im in a good place now



Part of the Furniture Now
Dec 4, 2016
Albuquerque, NM
Only started about 6 months ago and already have 6 regulars in my rotation. But I've got about 20 more estate pipes waiting to be worked on, though I will probably only keep 5 of those. Pretty sure I have PAD and will be hanging the walls with them.



Jan 23, 2015
I have just under 50.

Mostly briars and a hand full of cobs.

Still want a few more briars and would like a couple mortas and olive woods before I stop acquiring pipes. :puffy:


Chasing Embers

Captain of the Black Frigate
Nov 12, 2014
Other than Weaver commissions, I want 1 Denovic morta, 1 Abi Natur freehand, and one of Werner Mummert's barrel reverse calabash pipes. A few more meers to round off a 7 day set would be nice, but not something I'm going to press.



Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 4, 2017
Funny story.
Between last night when I posted this, and this evening, Brad Pohlmann emailed me to say that my commission is done.
It never ends.

Jul 28, 2016
As Mr Cosmic said, me 5 when I joined this forum, now collection is obviously crowing too exessively and fast.My lates acquisition made in a whim was that Savinelli 321 newline dolomite,perhaps better of not to read on this post on,negative influence as they say,I do believe,now,realizing I'm pretty recless when it comes to pipes,when I see a shap&bowl which I like,then unevitably I start figuring kinda'this particular pipe might be good to own in order to smoke that and that cut and tobacco

and might be reasonable choice for those activities and moments and there we and my money Musta find a remedy to fix this illiness,,



Might Stick Around
Sep 10, 2012
The formula is

Number of smokes/day x number of different types of tobacco x number of days of rest for your pipes

Or 7 if you your oldskool

That's the theory. The practice usually involves non-linear terms introducing: mood, brands, shapes, weather, social status,....

So in short: a lot.
At 5 meers, 1 cob, and 70+ briars and a yearly increase of about 12 pipes one can only hope to become oldskool at some point ,... or not



Part of the Furniture Now
Sep 9, 2015
I think I have around 50 or 60. Haven't counted in awhile. I smoke about 10 of them regularly. (Mostly My Scottie Piersel Bings). While I will probably never smoke most of them again, many are sentimental, so I can't bring myself to get rid of them.
I would be fine with 10-12 pipes though. I have never considered myself a collector and have a very specific shape/size that I enjoy.



Dec 7, 2011
50ish ± , census presently stable, more or less, and I smoke ALL of them!! No free-loaders or eye-candy-only's... they must earn their keep. But then it's a harem... and they're loved and adored and pampered... and guarded by eunuchs... with swords... and ulu's... and there's a genie is a humidor-jar somewhere... and they all get cycled at least once every thousand and one nights... and and and... 8O



Starting to Get Obsessed
Jun 25, 2016
I agree with the "two types of pipe owner" theory. I am lucky in as much as the criteria I need to fill is rather simple. Here's the logic behind the 10 pipes I mentioned before.
A) I only want what I need. I have no need to collect. I just need them to work.

B) Pipes must "sit". Resting the stem on a matchbox to keep the bit off the surface is acceptable, lying down on it's side or needing "apparatus" to stay upright is not.

C) Three dedicated pipes, English, Lakeland and aro. Smart(ish) briar preferred for Lakeland and aro. English is irrelevant - if I don't care what it smells like, why should I be bothered what it looks like.

D) Three general use pipes, ghosts welcome. Small, medium and large capacity. Cobs and cheap hardwood is the order of the day, as careful handling will be optional. Aesthetics are irrelevant.

E) One unused pipe in reserve
By this reckoning, I have three pipes too many. Two are clays, and no doubt gravity will kindly eliminate them from the line up at some point.
The last is an off-brand Baby Wellbent briar, which doesn't sit, so doesn't get used much, but is very pocketable and sometimes gets carried for "emergencies". Not a pipe that is needed, but one that can be useful all the same.

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