How Important is Nicotine to You (After Quitting Cigs)

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Mar 13, 2020
NE Ohio
I’m sure this has been asked a million times before, but I’m interested in everyone’s perspective because up until two months ago, i didn’t smoke a pipe necessarily for the nicotine as I was smoking cigarettes and getting massive doses of it. I smoked a pipe for taste, generally, with the nic hit as a bonus.

These days, as Ive weaned off the cigarettes to zero, I find myself reaching for the high-test blends a lot more often, with English blends that I once craved taking a back seat somewhat. I often think to myself, “That sounds good, but I’m craving something stronger...” and then I smoke some Old Joe Krantz.

I still enjoy the lighter blends, just not as often. I’m really happy that I’ve cut out the Pall Malls, and my intense nicotine cravings have dissipated a great deal to the point where I don’t really *need* it...but when it comes time to smoke a pipe, I’m finding that nicotine strength is becoming one of the main drivers in my choice of tobaccos, and one of the main factors in what I find to be a satisfying smoke.

Any of you that have quit the cigs have the same experience? How important is the nicotine hit to you?

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Preferred Member
Aug 29, 2017
Never smoked a cig but I dipped heavy for years. I like the high nic blends but a solid Virginia, red or bright or whatever is refreshing every few bowls so I enjoy the play off each. Then I toss a Lat blend in to get the Lucille Ball effect.
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Preferred Member
Jan 28, 2018
I think there are 2 addictions with cigarettes, maybe more. One is the nicotine. Another is satisfying oral fixation. And then you have the triggers (a phone call, drinking a beer, etc.). I quit a 2 pack a day cigarette habit 13 years ago. I think the pipe satisfies a small nicotine need as well as oral fixation/something to with my hands. I prefer flavor over strength. Not everyone is the same though obviously. Whatever trips your own trigger.


Preferred Member
Feb 27, 2019
I used to smoke a ton of cigs. Nic content is a factor for me in choosing blends, but it's less and less important the further I get from my last cig, which was in 2018. Pipe is a much different thing. The amount of nicotine doesn't really even compare to cigs IMO.


Preferred Member
Sep 13, 2013
The pipe works perfectly as a nicotine delivery system. The cigar doesn't do a bad job. MCDs and other luxury cigarettes do a great job without the chemically infused paper wrappers. Far as I know the nicotine is the only reason to smoke whether the smoker admits it or not. Hit or no hit (I'm in the "no hit" grouping), the most subtle/unnoticed of efects on the brain make smoking enjoyable, even relaxing for some.


Preferred Member
Jul 10, 2019
Shelby, NC
I had a similar thing happen when I finally quit cigs altogether. Started reaching for Royal Yacht, Gawith flakes and ropes, Irish plugs, etc. over my usual Balkans and light Englishes. Much like @trubka2 , the further I got from my last cig, the less I craved high nic blends and the more my taste came back for lighter blends. I still enjoy strong blends but I can get satisfaction from either end of the spectrum. I've noticed if I can't smoke during the day for some reason, when I finally can I tend to reach for stronger blends. I suppose I'm subconsciously regulating my nicotine intake.


Preferred Member
May 23, 2019
It has no bearing on my tobacco selection, as I use tobacco free nicotine pouches pretty much all day. However, I like it. I do like it.

I smoke mostly for flavor and the process, but a good nic hit is a nice bonus.


Preferred Member
Mar 20, 2014
I don't notice nic in pipes the way I did with cigs. I remember that first smoke in the morning and being like Oh yeah, there it is! But I never get that with pipes.
I certainly do. I get up in the morning very early, start the coffee, and go onto the back porch to smoke while it brews. A pipe is not like a cigarette in that the nicotine hit is delayed, and more sustained. So, I don't get that quick hit, but I sure feel the tobacco wake me up.

The pipe works perfectly as a nicotine delivery system. The cigar doesn't do a bad job.
I haven't smoked cigarettes in a very long time, like 40 years. Cigars are in my more recent past, They also have a different "hit" than cigarettes. Delayed, more sustained, and each is qualitatively different as well.

I do smoke (usually) straight Burley. Mellowed with just enough honey to still taste fairly strong without curling your hair. So, YMMV.


Preferred Member
Jan 5, 2018
I certainly feel the nicotine when I smoke a pipe. Sometimes the last quarter of a bowl of ODF or 1792 can get very strong even to the point of giving me hiccups.
It has some importance as I almost never reach for very light blends. I prefer medium strength virginias and va/pers. They give me this slow, mellow satisfaction.
Higher nic burleys and Royal Yacht need to be accompanied by alcohol. Otherwise they are a tad strong for me.

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