How Do I Turn Aromatics Into Aroenglishes?

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Jan 7, 2020
There are some aromatics I'm fond of but they just don't have enough of that smokey English (Latakia) flavor that comes with aroenglishes. If I wanted to turn some aros into aroenglishes, do I just have to add Latakia? If so, how much should I add?

For reference, my favorite aroenglishes are Sillem's Black and Boswell's Northwoods.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Jul 20, 2017
New York City
^^^^^^ some good suggestions, above.

Yes...... you can add Latakia of other blending tobaccos to a blend. But first, try crossover English-aromatics like e.g, Lane Ltd: "HGL" and other bulk selections that are marketed and formulated as: "Aromatics-with-(some) Latakia".

You can also start by "diluting" any classic "English" blend with some aromatic blend.... until it smokes to suite your fancy, or add Latakia to some aromatic blends until you find your Nirvana. Either way can work, so pick your poison.

Try: Wilke's "High Hat" for a classic English-Aromatic, or "HGL" (Lane Ltd) for a blend that's essentially "Captain Black"-original with a small addition of Latakia.

Happy hunting!

Start with a small empty pill bottle and add a fraction-portion of Latakia (you determine the amount) to a few pill bottles full of your base blend. Jot the proportions down in a note book for duplication.
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Can't Leave
May 7, 2012
Good suggestions already. I’ll add that it’s beneficial to let the tobaccos “marry” a bit so mix a bit in advance once you’ve found a promising combination.
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Nov 28, 2019
Ya get some Latakia and a cheap scale and start with adding around 10% for a noticeable flavour boost and go from there! You don’t necessarily need a scale to get good results, but it can help get repeatable results.

next could add some orientals if you want to spice things up, but I’d start with the Latakia.
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Peter Turbo

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Oct 18, 2021
i actually just attempted something like this.

i enjoyed Bills Blend (a vanilla aro) from The Country Squire but felt like it could use some body and some smokiness.

took 17g of Bills Blend for the base, then added 8g Deluxe Crumb Cut from WCC and 3g C&D Blending lat. Gonna try it tomorrow and see how it is. smells really good at the moment.
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