How Do I Add Friends

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Dec 14, 2009
Birmingham, AL
Go to pipesmagazine home page, click members button
then in the URL in the browser address type: /

Then type in the real "Screen Name" of the person you wish to be-friend.

For example: If you trying to find me "Lawrence" you will have to type "pstlpkr"

If you are not sure about the "real" Screen Name you may be able to find it by going to the Personal Message box in the right-hand column of the Main Forum page. Click on the link and on the PM page there is a drop-down list of "all" the members in alphabetical order. Just scroll through that list when you find it select it. Then highlight the Screen Name and copy it then go to the Members page and / then Ctrl-paste it in, then "Enter" and voila! you will have the Members main profile page. In (roughly) the middle of that page click on Add Friend.

That's it.



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Oct 18, 2011
Well, that's just done my wee girlie head in Lawrence ... I got lost after the first 10 words - all those who want be friends with me are just going to have to invite me I'm afraid, I'm stymied, well & truly.
Typed through tears, 'coz my first bowl of REAL tobacco just came to an end, snort.



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Jul 21, 2011
aussielass AS a matter of interest what brand did you get after you experence with borkimriff


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