High Grade Peterson vs Savinelli Punto Oro vs ???

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Sweet Home Alabama

Preferred Member
Mar 2, 2021
Alabama USA
I only smoke Peterson. Have two 408. No issues what so ever on those pipes. When I think smoking pipes, Peterson is the shape I think of. One downside to Peterson is their stems. Mostly good, but on occasions, the stem can be little off (not straight).

View attachment 102122

View attachment 102123
Those are beautiful 408’s. The yellow/gold stem especially. You have my taste in pipes !!👍👍👍


Preferred Member
Nov 13, 2019
Oakland, CA
Thanks! The finish/color reminds me of a well-worn leather booth at a favorite dive bar or old Italian restaurant. I love it. "Classic" is a great descriptor. I've wanted one of these Punto Oro Gold Blasts for some time now, and I'm stoked to finally own one.
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Preferred Member
Aug 2, 2016
I think Savinelli’s suck. I just don’t like them.

But I have Peterson’s ranging from 1898 to present.

I love the shapes, I’ve never had a bad drilling. But I don’t freak out over stuff.

Their spigots are drop dead gorgeous!! Excellent smokers too.

Yes, Peterson had some problems a while back, no worries, buy new or old.

The current run of new pipes are really good, as a matter of fact I just got back from three day trip and only smoked my Pete’s.

One thing of note. I only like their PLips the fishtails are fine, but I love PLips.
Pete spigots are fantastic pipes. I own 2.


Preferred Member
Jul 28, 2016
I have had and still have a few of those Punto Oros, both older unfiltered and newer with 6mm,I better like those unfiltered with standard tenon, the draw on these older unfiltered Savinellis is a little bit more restricted, overall very nice pipes, congrats on your fine acquisition, as a side note, in this price range200-250$ I'd also like to suggest J Craig's Ashton Pipes, great value, wonderful dependable pipes, although stem button shaping on those leaves something to be desired..
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