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Can't Leave
Nov 3, 2020
South Carolina
Coin toss, but put these teeny tiny baccer seeds in these starter pods just now.

Plan is to see if any of these come up before trying to start more. I have only used about a third of the seed I bought on this attempt.

Varieties : Yellow Orinoco, Basma, Orinoco, Tenn Red Leaf.

Not sure about any of this and was hoping the Tenn Red Leaf is a Burley.

Wish me luck..


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Ahi Ka

Feb 25, 2020
Aotearoa (New Zealand)
Awesome! I wouldn’t be surprised if the Tennessee red leaf is actually a dark air cured Virginia. If it is, prime/stalk for harvest and cure like you would burley. Add to blends in a similar manner to perique. I’ve found it to increase our nic absorption from other leaf (like perique does) and carry the flavour of other leaf in the mix too. It is very alkaline so even a small amount will balance out bright leaf blends nicely....or it is burley, in which case smoke the heck out of it! ??