Help With Info On A GBD Pipe

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Apr 8, 2009
Hello everyone,
I just recently purchased an estate GBD pipe. I have searched the forums and the internet to no avail.

It is hard to find much information on GBD pipes. I was hoping that maybe someone might have some info about it that they can share.
Sorry I have no pics to post. I am at work with no access to the pipe.
It is a GBD Rainbow shape 599. I can't find anything about a Rainbow model, I can not even find shape 599 listed anywhere as a GBD shape.
Here is the info on the pipe:
On the top of the shank it says:

GBD (in a circle)

the word Rainbow is under it
On the bottom of the shank:

There is an E

Under that it says London England straight

Under that it says 599
On the stem:

The stem is acrylic

the GBD logo is on the top of the stem

The logo is printed/painted on it like in this photo

I am confused by the info that I have been able to gather on it.
At first, I thought it was made sometime in the 80's after they merged with Comoy.

So going off of this time frame I thought that the 'E' on the shank meant that it was made in England. (Supposedly if it was an 'F' it would have been made in France.)
Then I found info that says if the 'London England' is straight and not round it was made before the merger. So I started to think it was from the 70's.
Then I saw that if the logo on the stem is painted (like mine is) that it was made after the merger (the 80's).
So as of right now I am completely lost on any info about it. :roll:
Does anyone know anything about this pipe?



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Jan 4, 2015
Absent the roundel, I'd say post-Codogan, making it after 1981. The stem also suggests a later GBD. The nomenclature is consistent with usual smooth GBD markings (GBD over Grade (right side) and London England over style number on the left.)



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Dec 28, 2011
Topeka, KS
Nice to see you back, Bob.
All of my sources and resources re GBD lead up to the merger and just shortly thereafter. There is nary a mention one of a Rainbow model. If you're old enough you might remember that Rainbow was a popular theme in the late 70's to early 90's due to Sesame Street, "The Rainbow Connection," The Rainbow Reading Room, etc.
At this point, I have nothing else to offer except that I'm curious as to how your latest acquisition smokes. I'm of the opinion that GBD quality suffered after the merger and that the brand never really bounced back to reclaim it's cachet in the pipe smoking world.
My .02 cents, but still delighted to read a fresh post from you. Newbs? Want to learn about pipe smoking? Just take a deep dive into Bob's posting history.



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May 11, 2011
Most of the GBD info found on the web focuses on the pre-Cadogan era pipes, made before the merger in '81. After the merger, they released many new lines but there is no listing of them that I've seen.
Most of the Rainbow pipes I've seen, have stamped stem logos and colored stems. They look good on the web, like this one offered by Smokers Haven. I've never seen one in person.



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Apr 8, 2009
Cortez Said:

Welcome back to the forums buddy!

Have you seen this image at
What's up Cortez! Yes, I saw that graph in one of your previous posts, but was still a little confused lol.
Fnord Said:

Nice to see you back, Bob.
Good to see both you guys still around.
Fnord Said:

I'm curious as to how your latest acquisition smokes.
I haven't smoked it yet. It is still resting from the cleaning I gave it.
Ssjones Said:

Most of the Rainbow pipes I've seen, have stamped stem logos and colored stems.
Yep, that is what mine looks like as well, except for a different shape.
Thanks for the info everyone had to give. Man it is hard to find info on GBD pipes.
The only thing I can tell about the pipe smoking qualities, without actually having smoked it yet :D is;

I could tell it probably didn't smoke too well considering I couldn't even get a thin pipe cleaner down the stem from the button side.

So I figured that since I only paid $50 for it, I wouldn't mind working on it a bit, so I drilled out the stem and now cleaners fit with no problem.
It was in really good shape for an estate. Other than it being really dirty, it is in great shape.
Thanks again guys!

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