Hello from Spain!

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 11, 2021
Malaga, Spain
Hi everyone, I'm Italian but I've been living in southern Spain for the past 9 years ?

I've been lurking a bit and I decided to join: it seems like the best pipe forums are from the US - I'm already a member of the pipe smokers den forum. It's incredible how much information you post in this forum, thanks so much everyone!

I bought my first pipe about 10 years ago but I was mainly a cigarette smoker... fortunately I was able to give up a couple of months ago (thanks to vaping...) and now I also enjoy smoking a few bowls everyday. I learnt everything I know from Muttnchop piper's YouTube channel, that guy is amazing, I can't thank him enough.

Well, actually my VERY FIRST pipe was when I was around 6 yo: it was a toy pipe made of plastic which was part of a detective costume: we became inseparable and I was clenching my pipe all day long for the next few years until it was completely chewed.

My pipes collection is increasing rapidly (a bit too much) and now I have 11 pipes: some cheap ones but also a Viprati, some nice Peterson's and a Savinelli. Some of them are estate pipes.

I increasingly like small pipes because they're easy to clench and bring around, so I will keep adding more small pipes to my collection ?
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