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Feb 14, 2018
Do you own pipes in mostly one shape? Why do you prefer one over another for particular occasions? Do you own several of the same pipe?
I have all different ones, whatever I can afford at this point but curious about others habits.


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Sep 13, 2013
I never purchased "whatever I could afford." A pipe needs to catch my eye hanging on the wall or in a display case. All of my pipes are bent to one degree or another but, the bowl shapes run the gamut of classical. But, buying a pipe simply because I could afford it? Nah!


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Sep 9, 2019
East coast
I prefer clenchers which tend to be light weight and come in all sorts of flavors, billiard, dublins, Zulus, acorns ECT. I usually don't smoke for more that 30-40 mins so I am ok with the smaller bowl. I do prefer wider bowls to narrow ones, but not really sure why. It may be due to esthetic reasons. I definitely don't have 21 of the same shape, but can admire those who do!?
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Jun 6, 2017
My pipe tastes have, so far, fallen close to the traditional shape spectrum. Unlike Warren, I have sometimes purchased whatever I could afford.

A little studying and a little patience can get you into the game relatively inexpensively, if your financial circumstances require.

In my active rotation of 19 pipes, only two have gone into triple digits in cost.

I do prefer larger chambers and am flexible on shape, but it's the traditional ones that keep arriving in the mail.



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Oct 22, 2013
The Lovat makes up the bulk of my collection, followed by Canadians, Lumbermen, and bent and straight bulldogs/Rhodesians. About the last five or six pipes though have been Lovats, three being the Castello 75 shape. The tall, narrow chambers work well with the tobaccos I favor and gives me good hour plus smokes, and the pipe hangs well in my jaw.
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Sep 26, 2019
Monterey, CA
At the moment my tastes are aesthetic rather than practical. I am learning that the pipes that catch my eye tend to be "classic shapes." Billiards, Canadians, that sort of thing. A stubby pipe will also catch my eye, and with briars, I tend to favor smooth over blasted or rusticated. I'm exercising patience (and budget helps a lot with that) to learn what shapes might enhance my enjoyment of the blends/types I will end up favoring. At the moment, I don't foresee owning pipes and not smoking them.
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Jul 10, 2018
Las Vegas
I'm kinda all over the place in terms of shapes but I do have a few bent Dublins.

I've narrowed my collecting down to basically three brands and artisans now. One of the brands is Savinelli and I like having a variety of Sav shapes. My tastes in artisans seems to vary wildly even though I only have a couple.
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